Aquarius Horoscope for May 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

May 2019

Dear Reader,

I am so excited about May I can hardly contain myself. It brims with happy, positive aspects, and brings many joyous surprises. I feel you will love May!

As we go through the month, I will continue to remind you of important, sweet aspects on Instagram (@AstrologyZone), Twitter (also @Astrologyzone), and on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Keep looking for the blue Verified check mark next to my name on all three social media platforms as some people are pretending to be me. I will post almost daily so that you will be able to use every sparkling aspect as they come up—there will be many!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month will bring lots of attention to your home, and with such sterling help from the planets, you’ll be able to get a lot done. You won’t only focus on your living quarters and family, as you will have much happening with career, money, and fun with friends and plenty of time for romance, too. You seem to have it all, dear Aquarius. This will be a bright, happy month for everyone, but especially for you, as you will have so many positive aspects dotting the entire month, giving you plenty of opportunity to make plans and move forward. You might want to take out your calendar, for you won’t want to miss any of the sparkling days coming up.

The month opens with a new moon on May 4, in Taurus 14 degrees, lighting your house of home. If you need to move, paint, declutter, repair, or renovate, you will have the green light to begin. This new moon is made in heaven, because it receives strong, sure, and comforting vibrations from Saturn, your ancient ruler—prior to the discovery of Uranus, your modern-day ruler—indicating that changes you make now you will keep in place a long time.

As a point of reference, when deciphering your future course, astrologers always look at aspects to your present-day ruler, Uranus, as well as to your ancient ruler, Saturn, as both have bearing on the opportunities that will come up.

I love that not only is Saturn beautifully oriented to this new moon, May 4, but so is Pluto, as Saturn and Pluto are traveling arm-in-arm, within three degrees of each other in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto will help you to make structural changes to your home, and Pluto in particular will urge you to redo your basement or have an expert look at the foundations of your home to make sure there are no cracks or little repairs you need done. Alternatively, if you need to address your home’s plumbing, in a big or small project, do it this month, for with Pluto so friendly, the force is with you.

You will continue to be focused on your living situation and the welfare of family members because Uranus, your ruler, recently moved into this part of your chart on March 6 for a seven-year stay. This clearly means that this part of your life will become a centerpiece of your attention now in an ongoing focus for the first time of your life. Uranus always brings change, so you may decide to move more than once in the coming years, possibly to take advantage of job opportunities or to be closer to family. Aquarius who have birthdays from January 20 to January 27 will be the first to feel Uranus’ influence this year.

If you are dealing with a difficult situation, such as negotiating with an insurance company about a claim that seems to have remained unresolved, with a government agency that that has not released funds due you because of a natural disaster that harmed your home, or if a contractor did not complete the work you ordered, or did but you found it shoddy, this is the right time to energetically address these concerns, most likely with the help of a lawyer. (By the way, Pluto rules government agencies, and is now well aspected.) This is a new moon, not a full moon, so this month’s new moon of May 4 (plus ten days) will mark the ideal beginning phase. Contact your lawyer on May 9 when your ninth house of legal matters will shine brightly.

Your career will sparkle brightly at the full moon of May 18 in Scorpio at 28 degrees. It will be one of the most vital moments of 2019 for praise and applause and to score a major, prestigious victory for your career. If you interview for a new position, you will get the final word at that time.

If you say that you already have an ongoing home-related situation that is taking forever to solve, then you are clearly moving up to a new stage of that project or (as the case may be) in the negotiation. You are likely to see much progress now, at long last.

If you have been trying to help a parent find an assisted living facility or have a caretaker come into your mother or father’s home on a regular basis (as two examples), look into options with earnest this month. This bears repeating: This is the very best moment of all of 2019 to focus on home and family matters. This would also be the right month to hire a new housekeeper, nanny, gardener, decorator, architect, or contractor or to engage a new roommate, assuming, in any of these cases, you have checked all references.

Watch May 8, when Mercury conjoins Uranus, a day when news may come out of the blue. It’s a great day to brainstorm for innovative ideas that relate to your home, other property you might own, or the care of a parent or someone you think of as a parent, because these two luminous planets will meet in your fourth house of real estate, home, and the protection, care, and welfare of family members.

You may see a breakthrough on one of my favorite days of the month, May 9, when Venus will receive golden vibrations from Jupiter, planet of good fortune. Your solar fourth house of home and real estate is ruled by Venus, so this will be an important, shining day to close on a house (or real estate development), hire a contractor, if you have done your homework on your choice of person, or buy a handsome piece of new furniture.

There will be additional days to find thrilling progress on your home or family projects, for as you see by now, the universe is speaking loudly that May is the month to focus on this area of your life. Note both Saturday, May 11, and Monday, May 13, when first Saturn and then Pluto sends supremely harmonious trine beams to the Sun. You will get outstanding favor from authority.

Finally, note Saturday, May 18 (the day of the full moon, which I will talk about later, in detail). Venus, the planet ruling your home and family, will receive electric beams from Uranus, your ruler and the planet that brings all kinds of innovations and surprises. On this day, Venus and Uranus will conjoin in your solar fourth house of home, sending you the chance for a breakthrough so special that you are likely to squeal with joy. You may find the perfect apartment or the ideal choices of furniture or other items to add to your décor. Another way you can use May 18 is to give a fantastic party that Saturday night that is so special it becomes the talk of all your friends for months afterwards. When it comes to home, May 18 could be a red-letter day for fun or for beautifying your home.

If you do not have any major plans for your residence or a country house and no plans to buy, sell, or rent property or do any of the activities l listed as possible, then on May 9, do something exciting for your mother, such as take her to a wonderful, luxurious lunch, or surprise your father with tickets to his favorite baseball team for an upcoming weekend and get really good seats—he deserves it. (Parents are ruled by the same house of the horoscope as property or your physical home, namely the fourth house of home.)

When it comes to love and fun, the first half of the month will be one of your very best, for Mars will still be moving through Gemini, lighting your solar fifth house of romance, a trend that started in April and will continue until May 15. This is a wonderful vibration, making May one of your best months for socializing.

Mars in your solar fifth house will also help you to have a baby if that is a desire for you. This is especially true for you if you or your partner have had problems with conception. Depending on your cycle, or your partner/surrogate’s cycle, try anytime after May 4 for best luck. This truly is the month to try.

One of your very best days of the month for love will be Tuesday, May 14—the day Venus and Mars will show clearly that they are the love birds that we have always said them to be. May 14 will bring you the chance to enjoy quite an enchanting evening. Alluring Venus will be in fire-sign Aries, your third house of short-distance travel (which goes great with your air-sign element of Aquarius), and will be aligned with her sexy lover Mars in air-sign Gemini, your fifth house of truelove. You may meet someone while on a short trip or simply when doing errands or going to appointments in your own city. Look your best!

Don’t be sad when Mars leaves on May 15, for the Sun’s move into your truelove sector (solar fifth house) on May 21 and continuing for four weeks will also boost your chances of finding your one truelove or to celebrate the love you have already found and prize now for the four weeks to come. The new moon in Gemini will appear next month on June 3 in your truelove sector. Still, comparing the two months May and June, I prefer this month, May, for you more, as there is something special and sparkling about May during all four weeks. Make an effort to look great and step out!

After Mars moves to Cancer, you will find assignments coming in, and you will be very busy at work. You will be like Lucile Ball and her friend Ethel at the chocolate factory, trying to keep up with the assembly line! You will do a lot better than poor Lucy who had problems figuring out how to box all those chocolates, so she and Ethel kept stuffing the bite-sized delicate chocolates into their mouths that they couldn’t fit in the boxes fast enough.

Your career will sparkle brightly at the full moon of May 18 in Scorpio at 28 degrees. It will be one of the most vital moments of 2019 for praise and applause and to score a major, prestigious victory for your career. If you interview for a new position, you will get the final word at that time (allow a plus or minus of four days). Chances are, you will be happy with the results. Because this will be such a sensational month for you,s it’s hard to imagine that any little cloud would appear over your head. This full moon will reach out to Saturn and Pluto in a wildly friendly way, stabilizing your career and giving you a justified feeling of renewed job security. If you are self-employed and will make a major presentation, you could win a coveted account as a result.

At the time of this full moon, May 18, you will have four heavenly bodies in your home sector—the Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunct Uranus—so this suggests that your career might be leading the changes on your home front. Clearly, this full moon is one of the most exciting, favorable, and helpful full moons I have seen in a very long time. It is filled with sunshine, dear Aquarius, so stay optimistic and expect the best!


Your home, other property you might own, and real estate matters will likely take the lion’s share of your attention as the month opens. This comes thanks to a rare and friendly new moon in Taurus on May 4, which will give you many opportunities to improve your living situation, care for family members (especially a parent) and to address any difficult real estate matters that have been ongoing and that you’re anxious to see progress on. Indeed, this new moon of May 4 can allow you to see good productivity in matters related to home and family, whether you are buying, selling, moving, painting, repairing, renovating, or decorating. You can now find people to help you at home, such as a new nanny, housekeeper, or gardener. If you need a roommate, by all means look in early May.

If you have had a disagreement with a contractor, decorator, or architect, this new moon will help you find a way to resolve the dispute and put the matter to rest. This may still take time—I am looking at six months—but May is different from other months that have come before, so by all means, roll up your sleeves and dig in. Uranus, your ruler and planet of surprising news, moved into this part of your chart in March for the first time in your life. (Uranus moves slowly and takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun and travel through all 12 houses of the horoscope.) This means you may see a twist to this conflict that you don’t expect, so you will need to stay sharp and keep your antenna up—news could go either way, and it would not be news you expect. Let’s think positive thoughts because on May 18, you are likely to hear something that makes you very happy that’s home or family related and also career related.

Indeed, your career may make you jubilant at the full moon in Scorpio on May 18, influential for a plus or minus four days. If you have been looking for a new position, this peach of a full moon will likely bring celebratory news about winning a job you dearly wanted. It will feel great to win over the other candidates. If you are not changing jobs, then it may be that you get praise in a company-wide VIP memo, are offered a special promotion from inside your present company, or receive important, positive publicity in the media. At the full moon of May 18, you will have powerful help from VIPs, so until news is out, don’t talk too much to friends and co-workers about the job you might be interviewing for this month. The last thing you need is an enviable co-worker who will attempt to see the same VIP as you in an attempt to snatch the position out from under you.

Romantically, you have sensational aspects in the first two weeks while Mars in Gemini tours your fifth house of truelove until May 15. After that, your work life is likely to become extremely busy, and you will be drawn in, so while you have such glittering aspects for romance in the first half of the month, take full advantage. Venus will be in fire-sign Aries until May 15, a perfect element for Venus to be in to blend with your air-sign element of Aquarius.

Your fifth house of truelove (and new love) is ruled by Mercury, making May 2 a dazzling day for love, when Mercury will align with fortunate Jupiter to make for a bewitching day, perfect for a first date or fun date with your established one-and-only. Not only is May 2 special but so is May 8, when Mercury receives electric, exciting beams in a friendly way from Uranus, planet of surprise.

You have two other special days for socializing. May 9 could be an outstanding evening to spend with friends. Arrange a dinner after work, for with Venus in harmony with Jupiter, you can’t miss.

The mighty Sun will move into your fifth house of love on May 21 to continue the emphasis on romance in May, and the Sun will continue to shine in this area of your chart for four more weeks, into June. Still, your love life is surely special in May, with aspects that are rare and bewitching. You will be magnetic all month, so by all means, make it a point to step out.

Another great day when it comes to love is May 14, when Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini exchange kisses and could bring on a thunderbolt of excitement when you lock eyes with another person across a room. Attached? All these days will be special for you too, because after all, your mate or steady is still your sweetheart, so plan a flirtatious evening out and have fun together.

You have so much to look forward to doing this month!

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