Aquarius Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you do not have any major plans for your residence or a country house and no plans to buy, sell, or rent property or do any of the activities l listed as possible, then on May 9, do something exciting for your mother, such as take her to a wonderful, luxurious lunch, or surprise your father with tickets to his favorite baseball team for an upcoming weekend and get really good seats—he deserves it. (Parents are ruled by the same house of the horoscope as property or your physical home, namely the fourth house of home.)

When it comes to love and fun, the first half of the month will be one of your very best, for Mars will still be moving through Gemini, lighting your solar fifth house of romance, a trend that started in April and will continue until May 15. This is a wonderful vibration, making May one of your best months for socializing.

Mars in your solar fifth house will also help you to have a baby if that is a desire for you. This is especially true for you if you or your partner have had problems with conception. Depending on your cycle, or your partner/surrogate’s cycle, try anytime after May 4 for best luck. This truly is the month to try.

One of your very best days of the month for love will be Tuesday, May 14—the day Venus and Mars will show clearly that they are the love birds that we have always said them to be. May 14 will bring you the chance to enjoy quite an enchanting evening. Alluring Venus will be in fire-sign Aries, your third house of short-distance travel (which goes great with your air-sign element of Aquarius), and will be aligned with her sexy lover Mars in air-sign Gemini, your fifth house of truelove. You may meet someone while on a short trip or simply when doing errands or going to appointments in your own city. Look your best!

Don’t be sad when Mars leaves on May 15, for the Sun’s move into your truelove sector (solar fifth house) on May 21 and continuing for four weeks will also boost your chances of finding your one truelove or to celebrate the love you have already found and prize now for the four weeks to come. The new moon in Gemini will appear next month on June 3 in your truelove sector. Still, comparing the two months May and June, I prefer this month, May, for you more, as there is something special and sparkling about May during all four weeks. Make an effort to look great and step out!

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