Aquarius Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Watch May 8, when Mercury conjoins Uranus, a day when news may come out of the blue. It’s a great day to brainstorm for innovative ideas that relate to your home, other property you might own, or the care of a parent or someone you think of as a parent, because these two luminous planets will meet in your fourth house of real estate, home, and the protection, care, and welfare of family members.

You may see a breakthrough on one of my favorite days of the month, May 9, when Venus will receive golden vibrations from Jupiter, planet of good fortune. Your solar fourth house of home and real estate is ruled by Venus, so this will be an important, shining day to close on a house (or real estate development), hire a contractor, if you have done your homework on your choice of person, or buy a handsome piece of new furniture.

There will be additional days to find thrilling progress on your home or family projects, for as you see by now, the universe is speaking loudly that May is the month to focus on this area of your life. Note both Saturday, May 11, and Monday, May 13, when first Saturn and then Pluto sends supremely harmonious trine beams to the Sun. You will get outstanding favor from authority.

Finally, note Saturday, May 18 (the day of the full moon, which I will talk about later, in detail). Venus, the planet ruling your home and family, will receive electric beams from Uranus, your ruler and the planet that brings all kinds of innovations and surprises. On this day, Venus and Uranus will conjoin in your solar fourth house of home, sending you the chance for a breakthrough so special that you are likely to squeal with joy. You may find the perfect apartment or the ideal choices of furniture or other items to add to your décor. Another way you can use May 18 is to give a fantastic party that Saturday night that is so special it becomes the talk of all your friends for months afterwards. When it comes to home, May 18 could be a red-letter day for fun or for beautifying your home.

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