Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be a landmark month, for as an Aquarius, your ruler Uranus, rarely changes signs, but this month it will, and this will change the tempo of your life. The last time Uranus moved into a new sign permanently was March 2011, when Uranus moved into Aries. You may have liked the past seven years, for Uranus lit your mind with many innovative ideas and coaxed you to think in entrepreneurial terms. Aries is a fire sign, and you are an air sign, so those years may have been mainly happy ones. You may have learned to sharpen your communication and negotiation skills, for Uranus was on a mission to help you in those areas, too.

Now, your ruling planet will be in Taurus, and you will take on a new patina—you will assess projects and ventures with an eye for practicality and anticipated profit. Taurus is a financial sign, so the question of how you can most effectively grow your income, wealth, and savings while you reduce your debt will also be part of your meditation. Uranus is the planet of unanticipated change, innovation, rebellion, independence, chaos, creativity, disruption, and all things modern and non-traditional. Your motto, being ruled by Uranus, is question everything, and if you are told that things have always been done a certain way, you tend to do just the opposite in your ever-striving quest to find a better way. You have never been one to follow groupthink.

For the next seven years, you will host Uranus in your home sector, so change is coming. You may have unusual experiences related to your home. You may move quite a bit or make just one big move, most likely to take advantage of employment opportunities. Uranus in earth-sign Taurus may not be easy to manage at first, because you are an air sign, and earth and air signs are not traditionally compatible. You may move to a foreign country and have the adventure of your life, or you may simply move across town, or you may decide to have two residences in your own country, for maybe one will be a vacation home.

In the coming years, you will have to be careful when dealing with contractors for they can bring financial surprises, so make it a point always to have a real estate lawyer to look over real-estate paperwork and make suggested changes and additions. With Uranus in the fourth house, you must have a lawyer, so don’t even think of skipping this step.

Just after my father died, Uranus moved into my mother’s fourth house of home. Within weeks, my aunts and uncles said to her that they wanted to sell the brownstone she and they lived in on various floors. I was in shock and told her to tell my sweet aunts (who we all loved) that she needed time, for she had just buried her husband. It seemed all too soon for her to move.

As you may know, my mother, Little Mom as I called her, was a brilliant astrologer who taught me almost everything I know about astrology. She said to me, no Susan, Uranus is in my fourth house of home, and change is coming. I must move. She continued, saying she did not want to cause difficulties with my aunts (my father’s sisters) because they are right—the time has come, as the brownstone needed many repairs. They sold it to a developer. With Uranus in her house of home, she said she must not go against the changes that are due.

How wonderful it will be for you to have Venus in Aquarius from March 1 until March 26. Venus will see to it that your schedule is dotted in with many fun events in March. Within this period, a favorite day for you is clear: March 21, when Venus and Jupiter will stir up romance and fun with friends.

My mother was always realistic and practical. She bought her first pair of sneakers and set out to view spaces. My sister helped by going with her, as my sister always loved looking at apartments. My children were small, and I remember feeling overwhelmed with what was happening. How could my family sell the house I grew up in? How could it be razed to the ground? I was miserable.

My mother found a gorgeous co-op apartment only a few blocks away in a doorman building with an elevator. She knew this would be much nicer than having to walk up two flights to her apartment in the brownstone. My aunts and my uncle went over to see the apartment she found. They loved it so much, that they, too, bought apartments in the same building and quickly moved in. The mailman had a hard time with three families and three apartments in the same building all with the same last name (my mother’s married name).

It turned out to be a good idea. They all were together again and would stop in and ask, do you need anything? I am going out for milk and muffins. Want some? They all looked in on each other, going up and down the elevators, and they continued to help one another. Life was fun again, and they were in their senior years. I am telling you this story because it had such a happy ending. What unusual circumstances regarding my mother’s new apartment! No one could have ever predicted this outcome—that is the power of Uranus.

It’s interesting that you and I are talking about your home and real estate matters, because this month, Mars will also be in this part of your chart. You seem very bent on focusing on your home and making it stylish and inviting. Mars will remain in this part of your chart until month’s end when the red planet will move into Gemini from March 30 until May 15. You can find a new place to live now, but I would want to you to sign the lease or close on the house next month if possible. If you fear that you will lose the space, then sign, but know that if you do sign, you won’t stay in that house very long.

Mercury will be retrograde all month, from March 5 to March 28, and by the time you read this, you are already too late to rush up against the start date. We always feel the mix-ups and delays that Mercury retrograde is known to bring a solid ten days in advance of the date Mercury turns retrograde. Be patient, and you can sign documents in April. I like April 2 and April 14.

You may want to buy electronics for your home, but you need to wait—buying anything with moving or electronic parts is a no-no when Mercury is out of phase. I would hold off buying furniture or a mattress, too. Spend March having fun creating your vision boards, and work on getting your ideas organized. Mercury will be retrograde in your financial sector (second house), so you may find that payments you expect will be late, or there may be an error in one of the payments. It will be important to check your bank and credit card statements closely in March to make sure all charges were authorized by you.

Let’s now talk about the new moon of March 6, which will arrive in Pisces, 16 degrees, in your earned income sector (second house). This is a friendly new moon and will bring you one of the best opportunities of the year to increase your income. In this part of your chart, you will have the Sun, new moon, and Neptune all conjunct, and also Mercury (but not in a conjunction with the other three). All the planets will be in Pisces, which indicates your reputation for innovative ideas and creativity will be at the center of what makes you so valuable to new clients or a new employer. Pisces is known to be the most imaginative sign of the zodiac. Entertain all offers for a new position, for it appears more money could be flowing your way soon.

The reason I love this new moon is that it will receive magnificent beams from Saturn, your ancient ruler, and from Pluto, the planet that rules your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. This tells me the position you will be discussing will be impressive and prestigious. This new moon will also receive golden beams from Mars, which is, as said, in your real estate/home/family sector. If you need money to make your home-related plans a reality, or to financially help a parent, it looks like you will be able to do so.

Not only is Mars friendly to the Sun, new moon, and Neptune, but also to Saturn. There are so many contacts between all these friendly planets, it is as if they are all jumping up and down like little cartoon characters, pulling for you and working to help you to see the money you need. I am very excited to see this, dear Aquarius.

If you have a big job interview, there are two days I would like you to star on your calendar.

The first date is March 8, when the Sun and Saturn will be in flawless communication. This appears to be a highly confidential meeting (which will hold true for the next date I will give you, too), so keep your job interviews under your hat, and don’t breathe a word of what you are doing to anyone. You don’t need a copycat to maneuver a way to interview for the same job.

On this day, March 8, with your ancient ruler involved, you are likely to impress an older excutive who will come across in a no-nonsense, even crusty way, but be a very wise person from whom you could learn a great deal if you work together. You will do well on this day. The transiting moon will be in Aries, a fire sign that mixes well with your air-sign element of Aquarius.

The next special day to interview for a top position will be March 13 when the Sun and Pluto will be in fine communication, too. I love this day because Pluto rules your mid-heaven, which is the highest point in your chart, ruling your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Certainly, any job you discuss will be prestigious by the looks of these planets. Also on this day, the transiting moon will be in Gemini, an air sign like yours, so you are likely to meet with two VIPs, and you’re also likely to come back for another meeting (or an offer). If you feel the talks will take time to complete, look to May as your month for great career news.

With all your focus on home and money, jobs and power, you need a little break to recharge your batteries. You might just get one too, at the tender full moon, March 20 in Libra, zero degrees (considered a highly energetic degree). This full moon will light your ninth house of travel, so you may be taking a distant trip many days prior and returning home within three days of this full moon, March 20. I love that on this full moon, Venus, ruler of Libra, will be in elegant communication with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck.

Venus is currently in Aquarius most of the month, from March 1 to March 26. Jupiter is in fire-sign Sagittarius, your house of friendship, so your trip may be to travel together with a friend or to visit a friend at your destination. This interplay between Venus and Jupiter is a sure sign of a lovely outcome to any trip you take. Make your getaway for fun—this is a gift from a loving universe.

If you work in the media, publishing, broadcasting, the Internet, or the digital world, this full moon will favor your projects, and a very special one may be coming to a grand conclusion. If so, you will feel proud, and rightly so.

How wonderful it will be for you to have Venus in Aquarius from March 1 until March 26. Venus will see to it that your schedule is dotted in with many fun events in March. Within this period, a favorite day for you is clear: March 21, when Venus and Jupiter will stir up romance and fun with friends.

At the end of the month, Mercury will go direct, March 28, and the pace will pick up noticeably with great energy,

Additionally, Mars will enter Gemini, your truelove sector, on March 30 to stay until May 15, making that coming period the finest for romance for you to enjoy that you’ve seen in two years! You can find love or celebrate the love you have already found. You have a quite a wonderful forecast!


March has signs of being a lucrative month. The new moon in Pisces on March 6 will enliven your second house of income. This month will be one of your best for achieving a raise or new position that pays appreciably better. If you are self-employed or in sales, you can now generate new business that will substantially increase your cash flow. Mercury is retrograde, so if you asked for a raise previously, there is a good chance you will get the answer now, within the ten days that follow the new moon in Pisces, March 6. Pisces is a double-bodied sign, so in fact, you may get offers from two sources.

Mercury might slow down payments that are due you, so stay on top of accounts receivables and have contingency funds in place to help you bridge this month if you need cash. If you are self-employed, ask your bank for a line of credit.

On another note, you appear to be thinking quite a bit about a real estate situation that has some unusual elements to it. Mars is currently touring your home sector, a trend that started in mid-February and that will continue until March 30. The red planet will allow you to make progress on all home-related matters and one regarding your family, too.

Having said that, keep in mind that you should not sign important papers this month for Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to 28. Do not close on a house during this time either, or you won’t likely stay there very long. It is also not wise to buy any electronics when Mercury is retrograde, nor any machines, including a car, for Mercury rules the electronic spark as well as the moving parts in machines. Additionally, in March, you may discover you have a faulty or outworn component in an electronic product and need to take it to the repair shop. If you are hoping to change your home so that it can be tied to the Internet, have safe guards put in place to prevent hackers from compromising your home safety.

You may be moving more than once in the coming years. Uranus is about to enter Taurus, your home sector, on March 6 (the same date as the new moon), and this planet has the power to bring great change to your life. Uranus works suddenly or creates unusual circumstances. You may move to be near a family member, or you may move to take advantage of career opportunities in a new location. Or, you may set up a business in your home, and with a friendly beam from Saturn, you could be starting a company that has longevity. Steve Jobs started his own company, Apple, in his garage—who says your company won’t grow as large as Apple?

It is also possible that you may simply want to move to a new location because you never felt you fit into the region where you live now. You may have always longed to live somewhere else, possibly overseas. Uranus rules all places foreign, so if you don’t actually move, you nevertheless might go away to college or graduate school at a great distance from where you live now.

Uranus is your ruling planet, so the fact that Uranus is moving into Taurus holds more importance for you than for any other sign. This is no small change, for this is the first time since 1934 to 1941 that Uranus has been Taurus, and it is set to stay seven years, until 2026. The focus on your home will provide continual background music in coming years—see it as the possibility to have an adventure.

If you don’t move or are not involved in an important renovation, you may have unusual circumstances regarding your home or family, and this points to a wide variety of possibilities. Your contractor may have left you high and dry, breaking his promise to finish the job, despite your payment in full to him, or you might move into a high-rise condo, only to hear your ex is moving into the same building. You are one of the most innovative of all signs—there’s no reason to be anxious. You are a fixed sign and like to keep things stable without change, but you also know that change is good, for it brings a new viewpoint and stimulates fresh paths and opportunities.

By the time you get to the full moon on March 20, you may want to travel, and if so, the full moon will show you reasons you should quickly pack and go. Venus and Jupiter will be working together at the full moon (to peak in alignment on March 21), making it a glorious time to go and to take time for yourself.

Venus will be in Aquarius from March 1 to 26, putting you in the mood for fun and love. This full moon will put Venus in a spotlight, and since Venus will be in conversation with Jupiter, the outcome of a trip or event you attend should be divine. Jupiter is in your friendship sector, so you may travel to see a friend or travel with a friend, and either way, this getaway will be outstanding socially.

There is other news that might come up near March 20. You may hear your application for admittance to your favorite college has been accepted. The ninth house, so lit up at this full moon, rules not only distant travel but also higher education and your pursuit for an advanced degree. You may be accepted to the university of your dreams, get a high mark on a critical test, or do very well defending your thesis, as three possible examples.

This sector also rules publishing and broadcasting, so If you work in the media, at the full moon you will be wrapping up a project that you have given lots of loving attention to, and now you will be ready and eager to show it to one and all in the world. The applause should be deafening! Yay!

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