Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

It is also possible that you may simply want to move to a new location because you never felt you fit into the region where you live now. You may have always longed to live somewhere else, possibly overseas. Uranus rules all places foreign, so if you don’t actually move, you nevertheless might go away to college or graduate school at a great distance from where you live now.

Uranus is your ruling planet, so the fact that Uranus is moving into Taurus holds more importance for you than for any other sign. This is no small change, for this is the first time since 1934 to 1941 that Uranus has been Taurus, and it is set to stay seven years, until 2026. The focus on your home will provide continual background music in coming years—see it as the possibility to have an adventure.

If you don’t move or are not involved in an important renovation, you may have unusual circumstances regarding your home or family, and this points to a wide variety of possibilities. Your contractor may have left you high and dry, breaking his promise to finish the job, despite your payment in full to him, or you might move into a high-rise condo, only to hear your ex is moving into the same building. You are one of the most innovative of all signs—there’s no reason to be anxious. You are a fixed sign and like to keep things stable without change, but you also know that change is good, for it brings a new viewpoint and stimulates fresh paths and opportunities.

By the time you get to the full moon on March 20, you may want to travel, and if so, the full moon will show you reasons you should quickly pack and go. Venus and Jupiter will be working together at the full moon (to peak in alignment on March 21), making it a glorious time to go and to take time for yourself.

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