Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you have a big job interview, there are two days I would like you to star on your calendar.

The first date is March 8, when the Sun and Saturn will be in flawless communication. This appears to be a highly confidential meeting (which will hold true for the next date I will give you, too), so keep your job interviews under your hat, and don’t breathe a word of what you are doing to anyone. You don’t need a copycat to maneuver a way to interview for the same job.

On this day, March 8, with your ancient ruler involved, you are likely to impress an older excutive who will come across in a no-nonsense, even crusty way, but be a very wise person from whom you could learn a great deal if you work together. You will do well on this day. The transiting moon will be in Aries, a fire sign that mixes well with your air-sign element of Aquarius.

The next special day to interview for a top position will be March 13 when the Sun and Pluto will be in fine communication, too. I love this day because Pluto rules your mid-heaven, which is the highest point in your chart, ruling your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Certainly, any job you discuss will be prestigious by the looks of these planets. Also on this day, the transiting moon will be in Gemini, an air sign like yours, so you are likely to meet with two VIPs, and you’re also likely to come back for another meeting (or an offer). If you feel the talks will take time to complete, look to May as your month for great career news.

With all your focus on home and money, jobs and power, you need a little break to recharge your batteries. You might just get one too, at the tender full moon, March 20 in Libra, zero degrees (considered a highly energetic degree). This full moon will light your ninth house of travel, so you may be taking a distant trip many days prior and returning home within three days of this full moon, March 20. I love that on this full moon, Venus, ruler of Libra, will be in elegant communication with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck.

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