Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Just after my father died, Uranus moved into my mother’s fourth house of home. Within weeks, my aunts and uncles said to her that they wanted to sell the brownstone she and they lived in on various floors. I was in shock and told her to tell my sweet aunts (who we all loved) that she needed time, for she had just buried her husband. It seemed all too soon for her to move.

As you may know, my mother, Little Mom as I called her, was a brilliant astrologer who taught me almost everything I know about astrology. She said to me, no Susan, Uranus is in my fourth house of home, and change is coming. I must move. She continued, saying she did not want to cause difficulties with my aunts (my father’s sisters) because they are right—the time has come, as the brownstone needed many repairs. They sold it to a developer. With Uranus in her house of home, she said she must not go against the changes that are due.

How wonderful it will be for you to have Venus in Aquarius from March 1 until March 26. Venus will see to it that your schedule is dotted in with many fun events in March. Within this period, a favorite day for you is clear: March 21, when Venus and Jupiter will stir up romance and fun with friends.

My mother was always realistic and practical. She bought her first pair of sneakers and set out to view spaces. My sister helped by going with her, as my sister always loved looking at apartments. My children were small, and I remember feeling overwhelmed with what was happening. How could my family sell the house I grew up in? How could it be razed to the ground? I was miserable.

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