Aquarius Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be a landmark month, for as an Aquarius, your ruler Uranus, rarely changes signs, but this month it will, and this will change the tempo of your life. The last time Uranus moved into a new sign permanently was March 2011, when Uranus moved into Aries. You may have liked the past seven years, for Uranus lit your mind with many innovative ideas and coaxed you to think in entrepreneurial terms. Aries is a fire sign, and you are an air sign, so those years may have been mainly happy ones. You may have learned to sharpen your communication and negotiation skills, for Uranus was on a mission to help you in those areas, too.

Now, your ruling planet will be in Taurus, and you will take on a new patina—you will assess projects and ventures with an eye for practicality and anticipated profit. Taurus is a financial sign, so the question of how you can most effectively grow your income, wealth, and savings while you reduce your debt will also be part of your meditation. Uranus is the planet of unanticipated change, innovation, rebellion, independence, chaos, creativity, disruption, and all things modern and non-traditional. Your motto, being ruled by Uranus, is question everything, and if you are told that things have always been done a certain way, you tend to do just the opposite in your ever-striving quest to find a better way. You have never been one to follow groupthink.

For the next seven years, you will host Uranus in your home sector, so change is coming. You may have unusual experiences related to your home. You may move quite a bit or make just one big move, most likely to take advantage of employment opportunities. Uranus in earth-sign Taurus may not be easy to manage at first, because you are an air sign, and earth and air signs are not traditionally compatible. You may move to a foreign country and have the adventure of your life, or you may simply move across town, or you may decide to have two residences in your own country, for maybe one will be a vacation home.

In the coming years, you will have to be careful when dealing with contractors for they can bring financial surprises, so make it a point always to have a real estate lawyer to look over real-estate paperwork and make suggested changes and additions. With Uranus in the fourth house, you must have a lawyer, so don’t even think of skipping this step.

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