Aquarius Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


You are dealing with a number of changes in your life. Saturn has recently entered Aquarius, but only for April, May, and June, to leave July 1. Responsibilities are mounting, but so far, you are dealing well with all the universe is asking you to do. It is time to set a life goal that, once accomplished, will form one of the grand pillars that will support your life.

This month holds two eclipses, the first one will fall on June 5, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, highlighting a friend or your membership in a group, club, or association dealing with a humanitarian project. This full moon will bring a project to culmination and finish. Alternatively, it may be that you will learn about a decision that a club leader made that you did not know about previously or something about a friend, and it may change the way you view the person in charge or the situation in general. Regarding your friend, you may have a falling out and leave the friendship.

Either way, with Mars in hard angle to both the Sun and full moon eclipse on June 5, it seems clear that the subject of money will be a point of contention. Neptune is orbiting with Mars adding confusion, so don’t assume that you have all pertinent facts, for it appears there will be more to discover. For now, do not make an accusation, rather listen to what you are told. Dig for information and take time to reflect on what you learn. There will be time to voice your feelings and conclusions later.

It may help to know that while Mars has forced up your expenses since the middle of May, those expenses will calm down as of June 27 when Mars leaves this part of your chart. From then on, the topic of money won’t make you as sensitive as it has over recent weeks, and you will feel more in control.

The second eclipse, June 21, will fall in Cancer and light your sixth house of work projects. This eclipse will open a new path and offer you an opportunity to work on something new and different from your usual projects. It may have something to do with a hotel (or other structure that provides shelter), a food establishment or restaurant, food bank, or work with caregivers, aids, or nurses. You have been looking for ways to bring in more income, and this eclipse seems to fix that possibility by providing you with a means to increase your income either full-time or part-time. It looks like this job won’t be a prestigious step up, but it has other charms by having you working on something high tech or new, and that will seem like you opened a window and let in the fresh air.

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