Aquarius Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to your finances. Mars has currently been touring Pisces, your solar second house of earned income and spending. It appears that since the middle of May your expenses have been running high. You may be very focused on earning more money, and because Mars is such an assertive planet, if you concentrate on finding a pipeline of money, you can be successful in improving you cash flow. Once Mars leaves your second house of personal income, your expenses will drop—that’s due to happen at the end of this month, on June 27.

Before financial relief can occur, however, we’ll have two eclipses this month, and Mars will stir the pot and argue with the first one, a full moon lunar eclipse on June 5. Alas, you may see more expenses, or if someone owes you a check, news that the money won’t be coming could throw off plans, at least for now. On the June 5 eclipse, Mars will still be in your second house of personal savings and earned income, and that is where Mars will draw your attention. Here is what I see.

The eclipse will occur on June 5 in Sagittarius, 16 degrees, in your solar eleventh house of friendship, groups, and charitable activities that help those who suffer and need help. Focus on a friend or on the management of a group to which you belong. It is a full moon lunar eclipse, and that means it is much more powerful than your typical full moon. The full moon, of course, will oppose the Sun. The full moon eclipse will be in Sagittarius, and six signs away in Gemini, the Sun will be conjunct Venus, in your solar fifth house of love, romance, pregnancy, birth, children, and creativity.

The second eclipse, June 21, will fall in Cancer and light your sixth house of work projects. This eclipse will open a new path and offer you an opportunity to work on something new and different from your usual projects.

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