Aquarius Horoscope for June 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This certainly will be a social month for you, for you are likely to be invited to a dazzlingly important social event on the full moon, June 17, plus or minus four days (most likely over the weekend of June 15-16). Jupiter will orbit very close to this full moon, so if you are invited, accept quickly. It’s likely to be an enchanting event, with the host sparing no expense. It may be a wedding, birthday party, charity fundraiser, or even an industry or sports event, populated by many people you know, along with one or two people you don’t but will want to know better. With Uranus, your ruler, within range, this event will be spiced with surprises, sure to keep you alert and excited.

All month, your creativity will reach exceptional levels, so by all means, devote time to your craft, whether you are paid for your ideas or have a personal artistic project that you are engaged in—either way, your passion to create original work will hit the mark. You’ll be proud of what you achieve.

Lastly, circle in gold June 27, when the Sun and Uranus will be in lyrical, electric harmony, for a home-related matter is about to bring an unexpected breakthrough. A co-worker, your romantic partner, or a collaborator (such as your real estate broker, lawyer, architect, or decorator) may have a role to play in bringing you happy news.

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