Aquarius Horoscope for June 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are focused on an artistic project, then June 13 will be the day for you to knock out friends, family, and clients with your original expressions, for this is when Mars, the energy planet, will combine vibrations with Neptune, protector of the arts, to create magical inspiration.

Next, we come to the full moon, June 17, in Sagittarius at 26 degrees, which will be magnificent, too. This full moon is conjunct Jupiter giving you an outstanding experience with friends that will be warm, fun, exciting, and luxurious. If you are invited to a wedding, party, or charity benefit for June 17 or near that date, you will adore this event, and when you go, you will likely make new friends. This event will be quite beautiful, for the hosts will have spared no expense to treat you like royalty. Uranus, your ruler, will be in a harmonious out-of-sign trine to the full moon, a heavenly aspect, indicating that this full moon will be chock full of delicious surprises. Although Uranus and the full moon will have a nine-degree spread, I feel that’s close enough to be significant. Uranus is your ruler, giving this planet extra weight and presence. I am so happy for you!

Mars will be lighting your workaday sector until July 1, so you will certainly be needed at the office. All hands will be required on deck, as plenty of business will be flowing in.

On June 14, you might want to suggest a better approach for some of the methods being used around the office—but wait. It would be best to choose another day to voice your ideas. An older person (personified by Saturn) will resist your idea, possibly for good reason, so don’t assume your ideas are necessarily the best ones. (There is no way for me to know by looking at your chart.) In other words, be flexible and open-minded. Your eagerness to do a good job will make it easier for the older person in charge to listen to your ideas and consider them.

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