Aquarius Horoscope for June 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Here’s a fact many students of astrology are not aware of: Any planet will bounce energy back and forth across the skies at 180 degrees into the house based exactly opposite the house the planet is residing. In your case, Jupiter, in your eleventh house of people, friends, contacts, community, fans, or constituency, will be beaming into your truelove fifth house sector found precisely opposite—180 degrees—from your friendship sector. The energy will bounce to and fro, benefiting both houses. You’ve not had anything even similar to this in six years.

This is such good news, for the new moon and Sun will work with Jupiter and dispatch Cupid and his little fleet of angels to help you find love. If you are single, you have every reason to be hopeful. If you are attached, you will do more fun things together, including possible travel to an exciting locale that will require your passport for entry.

Venus has not orbited in your fifth house of truelove since late April to May 2018 but will now grace your fifth house of truelove from June 8 to July 3. Venus will amp up your charisma to noticeable heights. Spend money on yourself—buy some new clothes to boost your confidence.

This same new moon of June 3 will heighten your creativity and coax you to experiment and play when you work on your project. Your timing will be superb, so give your artistic or literary project all you have.

On June 7, Mercury, the planet that rules your creative sector, will reach out to genius planet Uranus. Uranus is your ruling planet, making this aspect even more powerful for you over other signs. Set aside time to brainstorm for ideas. The inspirations that you come up with are likely to be brilliant on June 7, especially if your project is associated with high tech, the digital world, television, radio, podcasts, humanitarian concerns, or one of the sciences.

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