Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

A series of eclipses have been blowing through, with two last month and one more to go in July. Eclipses each have personalities of their own, and no two are precisely alike, although it is true that an eclipse will repeat in sign and degree every 19 years to the day. That would bring you back to July 2001, but of course, the planets surrounding that eclipse have since changed, so all you can glean by looking back is a theme or a clue to let you know what is coming.

On July 4-5, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, 14 degrees, lighting your twelfth house of confidential matters. Eclipses bring a brilliant amount of light to the area they train their energy on, so in this case, you might hear a secret that has been withheld from you. When you hear it, it will change everything, and of course when you confront the person about why they kept this information from you, at first they may deny it. At the same time, there are many planets in the twelfth house sharpening your instinct and intuition, so if you strongly sense that there is more to the story, keep pressing, for the planets in your twelfth house will not let you down.

Eclipses bring truth, so sooner or later you will get to the bottom of what is happening, and because this is a full moon, you will get closure. A mystery that has puzzled you because nothing was adding up in your mind will suddenly make sense when the extra clue is revealed. You might be shocked by the news—eclipses do that—but let’s hope this is not the way things will work out for you.

The role of an eclipse is to test the strength of relationships and their conditions. By bringing glaring daylight to a condition that you didn’t know about or ignored by underestimating its importance, the eclipse can help you protect yourself and also cleanse the situation. Eclipses will get you moving again—they don’t like to see a situation languish or stagnate—the universe is built on productivity. Keep in mind that an eclipse is a lot like a heat-seeking missile, looking for problems. If it finds none, it will move on, and you won’t notice much at eclipse time. If there are no secrets to uncover, this possible outcome of this eclipse will not apply to you.

Alternatively, it is possible that you are doing a lot of work behind the scenes, but you’re not ready yet to show it to the world. With Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and the lunar eclipse all crowded into your twelfth house, you’ll want to be sure that the work you do won’t be seen by prying eyes. It needs to remain secret. The confidential product you’ve been working on for a while, possibly for months or as long as one or two years (since December 2017), is nearing completion and is likely to be ready to be shown in 2021. This July 4-5 eclipse might leak information to the press about what you are doing, so be extra careful to keep things under wraps.

There is an entirely different way this July 4-5 eclipse could affect you. There is an enormous emphasis on your health, and as we are all in a pandemic, I will now discuss this side of the aspect. (The outcomes I am suggesting are not mutually exclusive—you may feel two outcomes, not just one.)

A full moon in the twelfth house could bring you into talks with medical personnel, either for you or as the advocate for someone close, such as your mother or father.

You might start to explore professional therapy to talk over something that has troubled you. Many people are finding the isolation of the quarantine hard to take, so you might welcome speaking to a professional therapist over Zoom. If you would like help in overcoming a dependence on a substance like cigarettes or a prescription drug, as two examples, this would be the perfect time to do so. Or you might check into a hospital to take care of a surgery you had planned to schedule but couldn’t because elective surgery was postponed during the height of the pandemic. It might be possible now in your city.

All month you will have Venus in Gemini, the very best place for Venus to be for you.…Even during a pandemic, love can flourish, and you may be the shining example of that truth, complete with a compelling story to share.

Uranus, your ruling planet, will send a beam to the Sun at the time of the July 4-5 eclipse, and that could bring you a surprise offer for a job or a new, well-paying assignment quite out of the blue. Watch the days after the eclipse occurs. This same aspect could bring good news about your health as well.

Meanwhile, during this complex July 4-5 eclipse, Mars will be in a tight hard angle to both the Sun in Cancer and the full moon eclipse in Capricorn, so if you have to sign a legal document, be careful. Read it thoroughly, for you may be upset by some of the wording of some of the clauses.

This contract has something to do with a work project or a contract given to you before you start a full-time job. Aries is usually a good place for Mars to be for you, for Aries is a fire sign that blends well with your Aquarian air sign element. Not so in early July. You will need a lawyer to look at anything you are asked to sign, for if you don’t, the language in it could come back to bite you later. Do not try to save money by not having a lawyer at your side.

If you have no contract to sign, it may be that you will travel a short distance to see a client face-to-face because Mars will be in your third house, also ruling short travel. Try not to go, for that trip could prove troublesome in some way. I will explain why.

Mercury is currently retrograde in your work project sector, so you might be tempted to drive to have a meeting with your client, but don’t do it until after Mercury goes direct, July 12. The entire trip may come to nothing and not be worth the effort—try a Zoom conference instead. Of course, never drive to a hot spot where the virus is having a breakout. You don’t want to get sick away from home. (Of course, you don’t want to get sick at all—period!)

If you are a writer and work in public relations as an advertising copywriter, professional writer, columnist, or journalist, make sure you understand the assignment. With Mars in conflict with the Sun in your sixth house assignment sector on the July 4-5 eclipse, and Mercury retrograde until July 12 (not to be fully functional until little Mercury ramps up to former strength by July 26), you might have to redo parts as you could misunderstand. I am trying to help you avoid having to do more work than is necessary.

Your sixth house is being brought into the conversation all month, and that house rules your work projects and health. I have read that some (not all) people have quarantine fatigue, but don’t let that be you—you need to keep up your guard. This virus is not over, and it won’t just disappear. Just because you don’t personally know anyone who caught the virus does not mean it is not out there and as strong as ever. With your chart in particular and with so many planets crowded in the two health-oriented parts of your chart, you must be careful.

I live in New York City, and we all know someone close who got the coronavirus—my daughter, Chrissie, who also lives in New York City, likely caught it from her tiny son who was in day care during March. Thank goodness she recovered and is on the list to give plasma to help very sick patients. We also know someone who was hospitalized and went on a ventilator. Besides my daughter, it was my best friend’s father. He recovered, but while he was hospitalized, it was a very scary two weeks. The doctors told my friend that if her father recovered, he would never again have a functioning brain, considering how sick he was. Not true. My friend’s father fully recovered and is home, enjoying his wife’s Italian cooking. He is back on his feet, vibrant, alert, and sharp as ever.

The doctor was wrong, but scientists do say the virus will cause scars to the lungs, so there could be long-term damage. Don’t risk it. Another friend’s husband got sick, was misdiagnosed, and died at home only days later. My friend has a young teenage son, so to lose her husband and her son to lose his father so early in his life was tragic.

Seeing so much sadness is probably why in my neighborhood in Manhattan everyone is wearing a mask. It is a sign of respect we give to each other. We all tend to wear gloves at the supermarket (the carts are the problem). My point is, I don’t want you to get casual about the coronavirus. This is a deadly disease, and although by no means as deadly as the Black (Bubonic) Plague was in Europe during medieval times, it’s still deadly. Remember, we still don’t know much about it, and we have no real defense against it. During the Black Plague people had to quarantine at home, just like we do now, so the rules are not new, they are the same as others have done in history.

This virus is on a mission to infect as many people as possible in nature’s effort to control population growth. The minute you make yourself vulnerable, the virus will swoop in. The virus hopes you will let down your guard, for its mission is to infect you and lots of others. Don’t let that happen, not with two houses of your horoscope—the ones that deal with health—currently packed with planets and some of them clashing with others. Keep up social distancing of at least six feet.

I live in a skyscraper, and my neighbors are so kind. We all wait for the next elevator if doors open and someone is in it. We do this even if we both are wearing masks. My elevators are at least six feet wide with tall, eight feet ceilings, so they are large, but we can wait. New Yorkers are known to always be in a rush, but we understand what we are dealing with here. You might want to read my essay on the front page of my website in the blue box called Coronavirus Outlook that I wrote March 16. As you will see, I see the virus continuing through December. Doing more math, I feel we might have a vaccine or treatment by around January 12, 2021. Plan for the long haul.

Now let’s talk a little of how eclipses work. An eclipse is a very powerful event in astrology—they are the strongest tool the universe uses to create rapid change. An eclipse will either coincide with a full moon, becoming a lunar eclipse, or it will coincide with a new moon, and we call that a solar eclipse.

Eclipses have the power of three new or full moons rolled into one. New moon solar eclipses usually open a new path by offering opportunities. Full moon eclipses, like the one we have July 4-5, are usually more emotional because they are essentially full moons on steroids and bring an ending or sense of finality. Most eclipses make us cognizant of the passage of time, and they can make us sentimental.

The timing of eclipses is always different from normal new or full moons. While most eclipses (75%) deliver their news on the day they appear, or within four days, others (10%) deliver their messages one month to the day earlier, which would have brought you to June 4-5, when, ironically, we had a different eclipse in Sagittarius (June 5). I wrote about that eclipse last month. Some eclipses deliver their messages one month to the day later (15%) which would bring you to August 4-5, plus or minus four days. If nothing much happens on this eclipse, look ahead.

There is another critical date to watch that will be related to the July 4-5 eclipse, and that will be July 22.

Astrologers look to the date that either Mars or Saturn contacts the degree of the eclipse, in this case, 13 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn. Saturn is currently too far away to trigger any news, but on July 22, Mars in Aries will precisely square (send a 90- degree beam) to this lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

Watch July 22 as a critical day, not only in your life (related to what I was discussing from the start of your report about the July 4-5 lunar eclipse) but also related to news in the world. It will be a busy time.

Now let’s turn to the new moon (not an eclipse) in Cancer at 28 degrees. This will be the second new moon in a row to fall in Cancer. Last month you had one on June 21, a fairly mild eclipse that fell at zero degrees and may have encouraged you to start getting more exercise or better nutrition. Your sixth house of health was being accented, just like it will be this month. Or you may have received an offer for a job, and that might have made you very happy.

However, this month, the aspects are very different. Even though this new moon is not an eclipse, it comes with tough aspects. Saturn and Pluto will directly challenge the tender new moon and Sun all at once. That’s a severe set of aspects—you seem to be overwhelmed with work to do, with many projects pending. On one hand, that could wear down your strength and immunity, but on the other hand, with millions of people currently out of work, it could feel great to have a job and be so needed.

If you lost your job, you may have already received an offer to work at last month’s new moon solar eclipse. Or you may get a job offer at this month’s new moon on July 20. You may be able to find permanent, or part-time, work similar to the kind of work you did before. If you are working now, someone my offer you side work, or you could work project by project as an independent contractor (a self-employed person), which is also nice.

Be prepared, however, with Saturn opposed to the new moon and Pluto doing the same, for the work to be strenuous. Pluto may make your client or your boss pushy and difficult, and Saturn’s position suggests your boss may be a taskmaster. Sometimes when we are out of work, we have to take just about anything that is offered, but I want you to try to ask for as much money as possible, knowing how hard you will need to work. Ask if you will have a subordinate to help you or team members on your level to join in—it looks like you’ll need all hands on deck. I think the answer will be no, there will be no one to work with you, making your job harder. In that case, see if you can get approval for a part-time or temporary helper.

Pluto and Saturn can be critical, so you may feel deflated and wounded by comments from higher-ups. Or it may be that someone will try to take credit for your work, so keep your antenna up. Tap into the office gossip pipeline occasionally.

I am assuming this energy will translate to your workplace, but the Sun’s involvement tells me that you might instead have difficulties with your established, committed romantic partner or spouse. Keep your armor on, and be ready for almost anything. A new moon has a timeline of six months.

Before I go, I have a piece of chocolate for you. Neptune and Jupiter will be divinely in sync, a rare event that is a big feature of 2020. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and profit. Neptune is the planet of the arts and also of compassion for those who suffer. Jupiter is currently in you twelfth house, which, along with all the areas I have pointed out early in your report, rules one other part of life—creativity when in solitude. (Being alone is a big part of the twelfth house and a key factor here.) Neptune is in your second house of earned income.

If you are artistic or if you work to help people who have been marginalized or are suffering for any reason, the collaboration of these two planets will help you succeed in a big way. They first signaled one another on February 20, a lovely time, and they will meet again this month on July 27. Both planets are a little weaker in retrograde, but you can make this aspect work for you if you return to a project you had put aside some time ago and start working on it again.

Before Neptune and Jupiter orbit their separate ways, they will make one last transformative aspect on October 12. They move slowly, so they will still be in the same parts of your chart as they have been all year. Work hard on your creative project with the aim of having it more developed by October 12 when you can show your idea to a VIP. There is money to be made.

There is one little problem with October. Mars will be retrograde from September 9 to November 13. Launching anything new is never recommended during a Mars retrograde period. Mars is the gasoline in your car—it makes it go. With a languishing Mars, it is hard to get your product or service launched into the stratosphere—it will keep falling like a meteorite to earth. To make matters worse, Mars’ little brother Mercury will be retrograde too within that period, October 13 to November 3. That makes this period doubly awful for doing business.

The good news is, Neptune and Jupiter move very slowly, so they will still be close enough to help you after Mars goes direct on November 13. Leave a space of days, and if your project is ready, launch it then. There is money to be made for creativity, dear Aquarius.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


Last month began eclipse season, with an emphasis on your friendship life (June 5) and your work-a-day projects (June 21). Now a final eclipse this month will occur in the area of your chart that rules all things hidden and secret, both what you hide from the world and what others hide from you. The July 4-5 full moon will be a lunar eclipse that will emphasize this area, and a secret may now come out. Uranus will be well aspected at the time, suggesting news will profoundly surprise you, but also protect you. News that surfaces at eclipse time is usually important and often indicates there are changes ahead. This will be a full moon eclipse, so the news likely will mark an ending or finish.

The twelfth house, so lit up for you now at the July 4-5 eclipse, also rules the subconscious mind. Experts say that some people report having vivid or unusual dreams triggered by the news regarding the pandemic. This month you may also have a number of unusual dreams related to what you learn at eclipse time, so you might want to keep a dream journal. Doing so may help you sort out your dream’s symbolism and help you see a situation with a new perspective. If anything has troubled you this month—with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and the full moon eclipse filling this part of your chart—reach out to a professional therapist for help, as you are likely to feel comforted by the insights the therapist can offer.

Mars is currently lighting your communications sector, a place Mars took up on June 27, and will continue for not for the usual six weeks but rather six months—until January 6, 2021. You may be traveling back and forth to see an important client out of town, or you might go to see your sister or brother more often than usual. Perhaps you will be working on a business project together or thinking of buying property together.

Emphasis on the third house, as you have now through early January, often points to the need to negotiate and sign contractual agreements. Mercury will be retrograde from June 17 to July 12, so do your best to make your most important initiations in the second half of July, leaving a space of days after July 12. Mercury will be retrograde in your project sector, so you might need to redo parts as you work on it.

The new moon of July 20 is not an eclipse and therefore has less weight but is nevertheless problematic. It will occur in your assignment sector, the sixth house, which could cause changes mid-course. You may get news from a client or your own management that the project is about to require a radical change in direction. At the start, make sure you understand how to proceed and what is expected of you to avoid any unnecessary back tracking.

Alternatively, in the days that follow the July 20 new moon, you might encounter a problem with a member of the team that works alongside of you—this person may get cranky and may even quit, not because of you, but because of the way things are going with a client or upper management. On the other hand, if you are self-employed and collaborate on a one-on-one basis with a colleague on your level, that person may be losing confidence in their abilities and will need you to hold the project together and at the same time reassure your collaborator.

There is another possible way this new moon may create the challenges inherent in the aspects: A bossy person from behind the black curtain, someone who has a booming voice of authority, reminiscent of the voice from Wizard of Oz, may make all kind of demands on you that seem unfair.

Like the story of Oz, you won’t be able to see the person, but you can hear the demands and you realize this person is calling the shots. You may be dealing with people who report to this demanding person, but you can’t see them meet, so you are left to cope with people who work under him (or her) but who have no real authority. The person on the loud speaker could easily be creating chaos. In this scenario, you’ll need to grab the reigns and take control in the coming months, for it will take that long until things settle. Your chart suggests your reputation will stay intact, your income will remain strong, and that you will be able to come up with imaginative solutions. Stay strong.

All month you will have Venus in Gemini, the very best place for Venus to be for you. Venus will remain in Gemini, your fifth house of truelove, until August 7. Recently Venus was retrograde, but on June 24 she went direct. Yay!

Even during a pandemic, love can flourish, and you may be the shining example of that truth, complete with a compelling story to share. The spark of love may come through an introduction from a close relative, like a sibling, or from a neighbor (much to your amazement). You will probably not be able to meet in real life yet, but that’s why Zoom exists. As an Aquarius, you love your computer and smart phone, so be content to get to know one another slowly—the better the foundation you build together now, the more likely your relationship will last, possibly forever.

If you are attached, you can have more fun with your significant other. Think of things you can do, even if it is as simple as cooking a great meal together.

With Venus going direct, you can also have your hair cut and improve your appearance, if your city is allowing those services again, and that’s an instant morale booster. I promise, things are looking up, dear Aquarius.

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