Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to the new moon (not an eclipse) in Cancer at 28 degrees. This will be the second new moon in a row to fall in Cancer. Last month you had one on June 21, a fairly mild eclipse that fell at zero degrees and may have encouraged you to start getting more exercise or better nutrition. Your sixth house of health was being accented, just like it will be this month. Or you may have received an offer for a job, and that might have made you very happy.

However, this month, the aspects are very different. Even though this new moon is not an eclipse, it comes with tough aspects. Saturn and Pluto will directly challenge the tender new moon and Sun all at once. That’s a severe set of aspects—you seem to be overwhelmed with work to do, with many projects pending. On one hand, that could wear down your strength and immunity, but on the other hand, with millions of people currently out of work, it could feel great to have a job and be so needed.

If you lost your job, you may have already received an offer to work at last month’s new moon solar eclipse. Or you may get a job offer at this month’s new moon on July 20. You may be able to find permanent, or part-time, work similar to the kind of work you did before. If you are working now, someone my offer you side work, or you could work project by project as an independent contractor (a self-employed person), which is also nice.

Be prepared, however, with Saturn opposed to the new moon and Pluto doing the same, for the work to be strenuous. Pluto may make your client or your boss pushy and difficult, and Saturn’s position suggests your boss may be a taskmaster. Sometimes when we are out of work, we have to take just about anything that is offered, but I want you to try to ask for as much money as possible, knowing how hard you will need to work. Ask if you will have a subordinate to help you or team members on your level to join in—it looks like you’ll need all hands on deck. I think the answer will be no, there will be no one to work with you, making your job harder. In that case, see if you can get approval for a part-time or temporary helper.

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