Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Eclipses have the power of three new or full moons rolled into one. New moon solar eclipses usually open a new path by offering opportunities. Full moon eclipses, like the one we have July 4-5, are usually more emotional because they are essentially full moons on steroids and bring an ending or sense of finality. Most eclipses make us cognizant of the passage of time, and they can make us sentimental.

The timing of eclipses is always different from normal new or full moons. While most eclipses (75%) deliver their news on the day they appear, or within four days, others (10%) deliver their messages one month to the day earlier, which would have brought you to June 4-5, when, ironically, we had a different eclipse in Sagittarius (June 5). I wrote about that eclipse last month. Some eclipses deliver their messages one month to the day later (15%) which would bring you to August 4-5, plus or minus four days. If nothing much happens on this eclipse, look ahead.

There is another critical date to watch that will be related to the July 4-5 eclipse, and that will be July 22.

Astrologers look to the date that either Mars or Saturn contacts the degree of the eclipse, in this case, 13 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn. Saturn is currently too far away to trigger any news, but on July 22, Mars in Aries will precisely square (send a 90- degree beam) to this lunar eclipse in Capricorn.

Watch July 22 as a critical day, not only in your life (related to what I was discussing from the start of your report about the July 4-5 lunar eclipse) but also related to news in the world. It will be a busy time.

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