Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are a writer and work in public relations as an advertising copywriter, professional writer, columnist, or journalist, make sure you understand the assignment. With Mars in conflict with the Sun in your sixth house assignment sector on the July 4-5 eclipse, and Mercury retrograde until July 12 (not to be fully functional until little Mercury ramps up to former strength by July 26), you might have to redo parts as you could misunderstand. I am trying to help you avoid having to do more work than is necessary.

Your sixth house is being brought into the conversation all month, and that house rules your work projects and health. I have read that some (not all) people have quarantine fatigue, but don’t let that be you—you need to keep up your guard. This virus is not over, and it won’t just disappear. Just because you don’t personally know anyone who caught the virus does not mean it is not out there and as strong as ever. With your chart in particular and with so many planets crowded in the two health-oriented parts of your chart, you must be careful.

I live in New York City, and we all know someone close who got the coronavirus—my daughter, Chrissie, who also lives in New York City, likely caught it from her tiny son who was in day care during March. Thank goodness she recovered and is on the list to give plasma to help very sick patients. We also know someone who was hospitalized and went on a ventilator. Besides my daughter, it was my best friend’s father. He recovered, but while he was hospitalized, it was a very scary two weeks. The doctors told my friend that if her father recovered, he would never again have a functioning brain, considering how sick he was. Not true. My friend’s father fully recovered and is home, enjoying his wife’s Italian cooking. He is back on his feet, vibrant, alert, and sharp as ever.

The doctor was wrong, but scientists do say the virus will cause scars to the lungs, so there could be long-term damage. Don’t risk it. Another friend’s husband got sick, was misdiagnosed, and died at home only days later. My friend has a young teenage son, so to lose her husband and her son to lose his father so early in his life was tragic.

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