Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Uranus, your ruling planet, will send a beam to the Sun at the time of the July 4-5 eclipse, and that could bring you a surprise offer for a job or a new, well-paying assignment quite out of the blue. Watch the days after the eclipse occurs. This same aspect could bring good news about your health as well.

Meanwhile, during this complex July 4-5 eclipse, Mars will be in a tight hard angle to both the Sun in Cancer and the full moon eclipse in Capricorn, so if you have to sign a legal document, be careful. Read it thoroughly, for you may be upset by some of the wording of some of the clauses.

This contract has something to do with a work project or a contract given to you before you start a full-time job. Aries is usually a good place for Mars to be for you, for Aries is a fire sign that blends well with your Aquarian air sign element. Not so in early July. You will need a lawyer to look at anything you are asked to sign, for if you don’t, the language in it could come back to bite you later. Do not try to save money by not having a lawyer at your side.

If you have no contract to sign, it may be that you will travel a short distance to see a client face-to-face because Mars will be in your third house, also ruling short travel. Try not to go, for that trip could prove troublesome in some way. I will explain why.

Mercury is currently retrograde in your work project sector, so you might be tempted to drive to have a meeting with your client, but don’t do it until after Mercury goes direct, July 12. The entire trip may come to nothing and not be worth the effort—try a Zoom conference instead. Of course, never drive to a hot spot where the virus is having a breakout. You don’t want to get sick away from home. (Of course, you don’t want to get sick at all—period!)

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