Aquarius Horoscope for July 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

July 2019

Dear Reader,

This will be a big month, for we have two major eclipses, one July 2 in Cancer, and the other July 16 in Capricorn. Eclipses are a big deal in astrology, because they are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to shake us awake and create instant change. If you know your rising sign, read for that sign as well, for both forecasts would apply to you, and you will have a 360-degree picture of the month ahead.

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Changes coming to your daily routine and life may soon look and feel a little different. You love change—your sign is the sign of the future, always pushing boundaries to see what else you can achieve or experience. The eclipses are back, but this time, those in the Leo and Aquarius family of signs are finished, for you saw the last one in that series, in Aquarius, last year on July 27, 2018. You won’t be the subject of this month’s eclipse, but more likely be a bystander that feels them peripherally.

Eclipses come every six months, usually as twins, as a new moon (solar eclipse) and a full moon (lunar eclipse). They are different from the more usual new and full moons we see each month because eclipses are more powerful, and we can feel the changes they bring for six months or more. Their job is to find situations or relationships that are outworn, unproductive, or languishing in your life and move you into a situation that will be stronger, more productive, and ultimately more satisfying. An eclipse will force a decision and radically speed your timetable, too.

Generally, a new moon solar eclipse is fun—it brings changes and opportunities, and it opens a door to a new experience. Solar eclipses are all about fresh starts. You will have that one first, July 2.

On the other hand, full moon (lunar eclipses), like the one July 16, often make us feel a little sentimental and emotional, for they bring endings and stir memories. The good part to a lunar eclipse is that they bring closure.

As said, the first eclipse comes up July 2, in Cancer 11 degrees, and will mark changes in your everyday routine. This new moon solar eclipse, a total eclipse of the Sun, will light your sixth house of workaday projects. You may acquire a new client who will give you a fabulous assignment, different from others you’ve done, and you will enjoy learning new skills as you do it.

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