Aquarius Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

Next month you will have a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, your career sector, and it’s beautifully aspected—Jupiter will arrive on the arm of the elegant full moon October 28. You might have very exciting news coming in regard to your career.

October looks busy and very favorable, so if you can take that weekend away over September 29 to October 1, that would be a good idea. You will want to enter next month rested and full of energy.


As you enter September, you may be feeling squeezed for money. The culprit would be the full moon of August 30, which landed in your second house of income, savings, and possessions. You may already know about a payment you will need to make quickly, but it may be difficult to handle. If you don’t yet know about this payment, all full moons extend for five days beyond the day they appear, so the payment would be due no later than September 4.

Your spouse, agent, or business partner won’t be much help because Venus is approaching a hard angle to Uranus. Neptune will be opposed to Mars, clouding financial matters and leaving you with a feeling of uncertainty. Not knowing all the facts about a financial situation can be maddening, but be patient—you will know all you need to know soon.

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