Aquarius Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

Your ruler, dear Aquarius, is Uranus, so the fact that the prime planet will be so beautifully positioned on September 14 is fantastic for you, too. Uranus is traveling in Taurus, your home and family sector, so you may get good news about your physical residence or other property or about a family member, most likely your parent. Or you may receive something wonderful (or news) FROM your parent, such as a special gift your mother or father may have for you for no particular reason.

A new moon like the one September 14 (which is as sweet as sugar) is influential for six months—yes, it has a long tail, unlike a full moon, which delivers its message quickly. Although a new moon can affect you for six months, it is a strongest in the week it appears, and very gradually decreases in strength over those six months until it has spent all its energy, and it meets the full moon of the same sign.

This September 14 new moon is one of the most favorable I’ve seen in a long time. For you, dear Aquarius, it’s all about other people’s money and how that money is directed to you. I love Monday, September 18, and Tuesday, September 19—perfect days to start anything new or to plan or discuss money matters, company benefits, savings, and investments, or to do estate planning. September 25 is incredibly favorable for making a promise or agreement, signing papers, traveling, making a pitch or presentation, or handing in a manuscript.

After you do all this financial thinking, you will be ready to take a break and perhaps long to get away. You have a peach of a full moon coming in Aries on Friday, September 29. Although this looks like it will only be a weekend trip (September 29 to October 1), if you can go, you would surely have fun. See if you can find a location with plenty of sunshine where you can do some adventuresome sports or hiking.

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