Aquarius Horoscope for September 2023

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A major, rare writers’ strike has been happening in Los Angeles since May 2. That date came just three days prior to the unfavorable, tension-producing full moon eclipse in Scorpio, a zodiac sign associated with large financial budgets. That was a very difficult eclipse.

Mercury rules writers, contracts, scripts, publicity, appointments, travel, negotiation, and contracts, so while Mercury has been out of phase, it was nearly impossible to make progress. Although Mercury went retrograde on August 23, everyone always feels the approaching Mercury retrograde two weeks ahead of the turnaround date. Things were slowing down, and no one was even trying to communicate.

The new moon of Virgo, 22 degrees, on of September 14 will bring the first ray of hope to those striking, for thankfully, as said, Mercury goes direct the following day, September 15. This will be the first chance for both sides to come to the table to have a productive, meaningful exchange of information in the hopes of finding a solution. That’s not to say the sides will come to an agreement this month, but it is the first chance they will have had to hear one another.

By the Los Angeles charter, the city is Virgo (born September 4, 1781). From July 10 to August 27 this year, Mars was touring Virgo and stirring the pot, causing disagreements and anger—Virgo is the sign not only of Los Angeles but also the sign of the writer and communicator. Mars left Virgo on August 27, another hopeful sign. Now Mars is in Libra, the sign of collaboration and legal matters and the sign that strives for justice and fairness. It is said that on the date Los Angeles was born, gentle, luxury-loving and glamourous Libra was rising. Mars is in Libra now, so this might give energy to the talks, something that has been lacking so far.

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