Aquarius Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

When you have Uranus in a favorable place regarding a new moon (as is happening September 14), that’s great for everyone of every sign. When you have your ruler in a highly friendly angle to the Sun and new moon like you do (Uranus rules Aquarius), this is weighted even more positively in your chart than for others of other signs.

Some people who have a new moon in the eighth house schedule surgery. If you need surgery, and it’s not an emergency, schedule it for the second half of the month—a superb time for the procedure would be after September 15 (due to Mercury retrograde—see next paragraph). But if you need an important operation urgently, don’t wait—just have it. The reason surgery comes under the eighth house is that it is also called the house of transformation. In this case, the surgeon removes what has been hurting you so that you can heal.

Last month Mercury began to retrograde on August 23 and is still retrograde as you enter September. Mercury will go direct on September 15, so until then, expect delays and miscommunications. This is the planet ruling all communication, negotiation, the post office, couriers and common private carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL and more), telephones and apps, and all electronic and mechanical products, such as cars, computers, smart phones, and more. When a machine starts to show wear and tear, it is usually at a time Mercury is retrograde, the reason many of us wind up at the repair shop during these periods.

Mercury will still be retrograde in your financial sector when September begins. I feel a check may have been held up for a few weeks, or worse, you may have been subject to identify theft or mail fraud. I hope this has not happened to you. (My Twitter account was hacked, and Twitter still doesn’t believe I am who I say I am. Yikes!) Mercury will go direct one day after the new moon of September 14, on September 15. How perfect is that? As you see, the second half of the month will go so much better than the first half!

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