Aquarius Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

This will be a solidly fortunate, happy month, but you may doubt me as the month begins. This is a month cut in two like a loaf of Italian bread sliced in half—you will like the second half much more than the first half. No matter what happens in the first half of September, blue skies and an open road will appear later. In truth, this will be in sharp contrast to the frustrating weeks you experienced even earlier and have just come through in July and August.

As you enter September, you may still be feeling the aftereffects of the full moon that fell at the end of last month, August 30, which appeared in Pisces. This full moon arrived next to Saturn, the planet that teaches life lessons—Saturn gave the full moon a serious tone. It fell in your second house of earned income, so you may have had to pay a large bill. Saturn was opposed to the Sun and conjunct the full moon, and you may have found paying this large amount hard to do. Full moons have five days to deliver their news, so if you didn’t notice anything in late August, you still have until September 4 to hear the news.

If you did not get a large bill, alternatively, you may be dealing with identify theft at your bank or with a credit card. Keep watch over your bank and credit card statements.

There is another way this can work out as well. Pisces is a water sign, so you may have had (or will have) problems with water. Neptune will be opposite Mercury at the time, so there’s a veil of mystery about what is going on, but money seems to be at the core of the quagmire.

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