Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Aquarius

Mercury is about to retrograde, September 9 to October 2, and confusing data or misinformation may cause you to make the wrong decision. Think about your plans without rushing. Plan to be ready to make investment decisions in early October, near or before the full moon October 9. Tax planning estimates can be made now with information you currently have in your computer ledgers if the figures are accurate and up to date.

The full moon in Pisces September 10 will be when you’ll send out checks to those you owe. If you had asked for a raise some time ago, you would likely get the final answer at this full moon.

This full moon is a peach, for it will receive a beam from surprise planet Uranus, and you could be receiving a handsome sum of money you never expected. The unexpected money could come in two parts or from two sources, as Pisces, the sign of the September full moon, is a double-bodied sign—the Two Fishes.

Uranus is in your home sector and may point to a sudden sale of property. In fact, you may get a sum higher than your asking price, even if you had posted this property for a long time with no buyers interested. At the same time, if you are purchasing property, you may get the sale, negotiate a bargain for the new house, and become richer both ways. Try to set the closing of any property near October 7 to 10.

After being wrapped in calculator tape, you may be yearning to break free and travel. The universe understands, and will send you a darling new moon on September 25, perfectly made for your impending trip, and you can choose to go near or far. This new moon is in Libra, an air sign like yours, so you will enjoy your travels. It looks like you would go to a city, as Libra has affinity with cultural activities including fine dining, museum and gallery visits, theatre, and concerts. Meanwhile, Mars will amp up the energy in your love sector, a trend that will last for many months, which is unusual. You may now take a highly romantic trip with your one-and-only. If single, you may meet someone at resorts singles are attracted to that are not too far from your home.

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