Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Aquarius

Venus will move through your ninth house of travel during this period, so a trip taken after September 29 and before October 23 should be especially wonderful. Mercury will be out of retrograde, and Mars, Mercury’s big brother, won’t go retrograde until October 30, and although you will start to feel Mars’ slowdown a little sooner, Mars won’t interfere with your travel plans, so I hope you can go.

Mars in Gemini and Venus in Libra will be in heavenly trine on October 18—circle it in red! What a fun, romantic, luxurious day you have in store! Make plans! Travel would be GREAT!


This month strongly emphasizes money—earning it, shopping for a loan, paying off obligations, and finding ways to make more. The universe will help you on all fronts. The first clue that you would be involved with money management was the new moon that occurred just prior to the start of September on August 27. That new moon occurred in Virgo, your eighth house of bank loans, student loans, mortgages, venture capital, taxes, credit cards, inheritances, commissions, and royalties. You might be rethinking your credit cards and loans and trying to lower debt now that interest rates are rising.

You may also do early tax planning for year end and, if self-employed, decide how much tax you should send in. If you received an inheritance or windfall of cash, you may want to huddle with your financial advisor to decide how to invest the money. This new moon is good for planning, but you must be careful. Here is why.

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