Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Aquarius

Back to normal life. I feel Mars retrograde may increase supply chain problems again, only to a higher level. If you are in sales, you will find that people will hesitate about whether to go ahead with a project or not, perhaps because they are waiting for the 2023 budgets to come into play in January. You will not lose any competitive advantage by waiting through this period. Everyone will be in the same boat.

Launch a new product or relationship (in love or business) near the fabulous full moon October 9 next month. That full moon is in Aries, a fire sign that only burns more brightly when your air-sign element of Aquarius uses it. That’s a Sunday, but all full moons are influential for five days. You will have a tiny window of opportunity because Mars will start to slow things down far before he goes retrograde, by October 15 or so.

You are an analytical person, and I bet you are taking some of what I am saying with a grain of salt. No, no, I want you to see what I am seeing.

When Mars is healthy and not retrograde, he takes two days to go one degree. When Mars gets ready to go retrograde, by mid-October, he takes 18 days to one degree. Yikes! Forget about walking through glue—this will feel like walking through just-poured cement! We tend to take Mars’ help for granted, and when Mars is missing in action, we wonder why projects take more time and money to complete.

Many astrologers feel (and I agree) it’s not the time to date someone new when Mars is retrograde. Mars rules sex, so with Mars retrograde, the passion in your relationship could soon become lackluster. You don’t want to mix this aspect into the birth of the relationship. Spend time focusing on your creativity, and give your children (if you have children) more attention. Plan outings for them, and enjoy them to the fullest.

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