Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Aquarius

The full moon will be conjunct Neptune, so if you are buying or selling art, that would be a good way to use this full moon, but if buying art, get it authenticated. If you are making an important deal, again, I would ask you to work with a lawyer and perhaps add a financial advisor. Neptune is the planet of the arts and music, but it is also a planet known to put a veil over things, to make situations look better than they are. Neptune can hide facts. I love this full moon nevertheless, because of Uranus’ intervention. See how it works out for you, but of course, stay alert.

Now I have more good news for you!

Mars recently moved to Gemini on August 20 and will light your fifth house of true love for a whopping seven months! Mars usually remains in a sign for only six or seven weeks, so can you imagine—seven months in such a happy part of your chart? In addition to romance, your fifth house also rules fun, leisure, sports, the spark of new love, pregnancy, and the care for children. An additional bonus from your fifth house when stimulated, like it will be now, is to expand your creativity and imagination exponentially. The need to express yourself artistically in any form will likely be very strong. You may be wondering why Mars is spending seven uninterrupted months in Gemini. The answer is that Mars will retrograde in the middle of the time he spends in Gemini.

The entire time Mars will be in Gemini will be August 20, 2022, to March 25, 2023. Mars will retrograde in the middle of that period, October 30 to January 12.

The last time that happened—with Mars retrograde in Gemini the ENTIRE time—was October 28, 1943 to January 10, 1944.

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