Aquarius Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Aquarius

It’s also wise to put off signing a contract if you can, for conditions will change later, but there is no way now to see precisely how they will change. Sometimes we are forced into signing a contract, or we will lose the opportunity. That is life, and we have to adapt. In that case, though, you will need to be flexible and go with changes that may come up as you proceed. No matter when you sign, it will be important to check in with a lawyer and allow time for him or her to clarify or adjust a few of the clauses to protect you.

The energy of this August 27 new moon from last month would also help you do some year-end tax planning. You might want to call your accountant for a preparatory meeting. Or if you don’t have a will, it’s time you made one, and there are ways you can accomplish that easily without too much expense. If you are more mature and have considerable assets, you may want to adjust your will and do some estate planning, which is ruled by the eighth house, recently lit by that new moon.

Next, we come to the outstanding full moon in Pisces, 18 degrees, on September 10. This is one of my favorite full moons of the season, and I bet you will feel the same way. This full moon will occur in your second house of earned income, and because Uranus is involved with this full moon, money may come to you out of the blue. Uranus, your ruler, will send a gorgeous, electric beam to both the Sun and moon, suggesting the money that arrives will be a big surprise. It could come as a gift, big loan, or as a result of a lucrative project. Uranus is based in your fourth house of home and family, so it is also possible that your mother or father may send you a generous check. If you plan to sell a piece of furniture, a painting or even a piece of property that your family had given you a long time ago, you may make a surprisingly generous sum when you sell it near September 10.

Mars in Gemini and Venus in Libra will be in heavenly trine on October 18—circle it in red! What a fun, romantic, luxurious day you have in store! Make plans! Travel would be GREAT!

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