Aquarius Horoscope for September 2021

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As an Aquarian, you have your own yardstick for success—that is your key to confidence. You don’t particularly care what other people think, but rather it is your assessment of what you are doing that counts. You are acutely aware of current events and the feelings of others in the world, the reason Aquarius is called the sign of the brotherhood of man and the sign most likely to form groups to combat suffering of those in the community or the world at large who have been marginalized and overlooked.

A typical Aquarian is not overly concerned about money because you feel that if you concentrate and work hard and smart, always in the spirit of innovation and creativity, the money will flow to you naturally. You are right, and it has always been that way. That’s why this month is a bit of an anomaly—you will be fairly obsessed with making money, saving money, your credit rating, and how you approach spending.

The new moon on September 6 will kick off this trend. It will appear in Virgo, 15 degrees, your eighth house of other people’s money. This new moon is outstandingly favorable, and the tightest, closest aspect will come from Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, suggesting you may get money from family that you don’t see coming. This would be true even if you have never received money from your parent or other relatives before. The fact that Uranus is your ruler only strengthens this aspect to a powerful level. Looking at your chart, it could be that you are saving up money in order to buy a house or condo, and your windfall from family might be to help you toward achieving that end.

You might see income from other sources, but with Uranus based in your fourth house, it seems to be closely tied to either family or real estate at the core. If you are selling property, you will also do well—your timing could not be better. Make sure the buyer is pre-approved from the bank, and set the closing date either for the first half of September or near October 31, your best date. If you are a real estate broker, your commission this month (coming just after the new moon September 6) could easily turn out to be hefty.

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