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Dear Reader:

I am so happy to send you my October forecast because it is an unusual one. Despite the fact that Mercury will be retrograde until October 18 (almost always an annoying aspect causing delays and mix-ups), you can nevertheless look forward to a splendid month, filled with many magnificent aspects sprinkled throughout October. I feel these coming jewel-like aspects will be so strong, you may not be ruffled too much by Mercury retrograde. After all, you do have experience with little Mercury and can outwit many of his antics.

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You are going to love October. You’ve been through difficult times, but this month is an oasis of calm with a number of opportunities that will keep coming up for you. Much of the energy in your chart is centered on your ninth house, an area that covers international relationships and travel among other possibilities. You may be doing a lot of work overseas, and your work may or may not require you to travel. Instead, you may be spending time on Zoom.

You might be involved in the import-export business of ideas, goods, or services, or an immigration or related matter (passport, visa, green card) may be on your desk, and if so, things will start moving in the right direction for you. You could be working on a media project (publishing, broadcasting, digital work) or possibly with academic people—professors or researchers—who are part of esteemed universities. You may be working with distinguished doctors, lawyers, executive producers, publishers, ambassadors, or high-level business leaders. It is alternatively possible you decided to go back to the classroom as an undergraduate or graduate student. You may be applying for a grant to do specialized research abroad in your subject.

No matter how this trend is affecting you, it’s a big trend this month. Even if this area of life resonates with you, it’s about to grow bigger very shortly, just after the new moon of October 6 in Libra at 13 degrees. Your horizons are opening up now, and you are viewing possibilities in far bigger terms than you did in the past.

The new moon this month is a favorite of mine because Saturn, your ancient ruler before Uranus was discovered, will be so positively placed and supportive of all you do for the long-term future. This month, you can give a firm foundation to your projects and relationships with the reasonable expectation that your efforts will lead to success. Take action just after the new moon appears, October 6.

Jupiter in Aquarius will also support the new moon of October 6, but his support is wide (there is a 10-degree spread between Jupiter and the new moon). I wish Jupiter were in a closer, tighter aspect, but he is still in a significant place to help you.

Jupiter will be in the ideal place vis-à-vis the Sun on October 15, a day you should plan to meet with a high-level person to make a presentation, have an interview, or to ask a favor.

You are likely to ace that meeting! This month you certainly have the universe on your side.

I will admit that Mercury, one of the gang of four that are gathering in your ninth house at the new moon October 6, will be retrograde. Mercury started to retrograde on September 26 and will continue until October 18.

We all know by now that Mercury causes postponements, cancellations, delays, miscommunications, and forgetfulness because we tend to become distracted and rushed. VIPs become maddeningly out of touch, and problems with computers and software start to surface. I still maintain that that this month you can outwit clever little Mercury and stop him in his tracks. You have too many outstanding aspects covering you with a blizzard of confetti to let impatient Mercury trifle with you.

October 15 could easily become one of your favorites days of the month when Jupiter will send a sparkling trine beam to the Sun. Schedule an important interview with a VIP.

Be deliberate in all your actions when Mercury is retrograde, and if you can delay signing a contract, do. If you are afraid you will lose the offer if you delay signing, you may have to sign, but realize that doing so usually means conditions will later change and that things will not work out as expected. Refrain from buying electronic equipment too, and that includes buying a car, for Mercury rules all the moving parts of machines as well as the workings of electronic chips. Mercury will go direct on October 18, so leave about two days after this date before resuming normal activities again.

Venus’ impending move into Sagittarius from October 7 until November 5 is a good place for Venus to be for you. Venus will be in your eleventh house of friends, fun, and social groups, so life is likely to lighten up. You will be popular now, and friends who you’ve not seen in a while will want to get together and catch up. You will be scheduling impromptu lunches and dinners and maybe an occasional museum visit or shopping expedition together. Being more social will bring back balance to your life.

At the new moon in Libra, October 6, Venus (Libra’s ruler) will take center stage to see how things will work out eventually. Happily, Venus will be in close, friendly talks with Pluto, a financial powerhouse planet that also rules your career sector, the tenth house of prestigious achievement and fame. You have so much good happening for you in the days and weeks that follow this new moon!

All Aquarians will do well with the October 6 new moon. If your birthday falls on February 1, you will get a double dip of luck. The same is true if your natal moon is in Aquarius or you have Aquarius rising at 13 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Look to see if you have a natal planet in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 13 degrees (plus or minus five degrees). If you do, that planet will go the distance to make sure you do well. Write down on your calendar what occurs so you remember that moment.

Moving on to a spectacular day to mark down will be October 15 when good-fortune Jupiter will be in the ideal place to help all the activities covered by the ninth house and given a big boost by the new moon October 6. (All new moons open a portal of energy that is in play for weeks and months.

October 15 could easily become one of your favorites days of the month when Jupiter will send a sparkling trine beam to the Sun. Schedule an important interview with a VIP. Or schedule an interview with the press, go off on a trip, or have an important discussion about a project with an influential person based overseas or who now lives in your country and speaks with a slight accent.

This gracious new moon in Libra will be accompanied by her partner the Sun, as well as Mercury and Mars. Mars’ presence in this house is significant for Mars will give testimony to how vital this part of your life has become. Mars arrived last month on September 14 and will stay until October 30. Mars brings energy, courage, and determination to all that he touches. This is the planet that teaches you how to compete effectively and win. This month is loaded with jewel-like planetary aspects, but here is one I want you to make a note on.

On October 18, Mars in Libra will trine Jupiter in Aquarius, which means these two planets will be in supreme harmony. All the areas that are covered by the ninth house listed above will glow for you, from global business relationships and long-distance travel to media projects and interviews, and legal matters and efforts related to getting a university degree. Put a big star on October 18 for this will be a standout day to take action and see results in any of these areas. This day will also sparkle for a product launch or a new advertising or social media campaign. When Mars and Jupiter link up, actions lead to profits.

Something else quite extraordinary is happening this month. Three major outer planets will turn direct this month. Let’s have a look.

Pluto will turn direct on October 6, having been retrograde since April 27. Pluto rules your sector of career advancement, so if you have been frustrated by a stagnating career, despite the hard work you’ve put in, that is about to change in coming weeks. However, we all have to get through the difficult new moon November 4 next month—that one will bring shifts to your career that you are not expecting. Management may change, or a client may suddenly change jobs or retire. Keep your antenna up.

Saturn and Jupiter, both, are due to turn direct this month, too. Saturn will go direct on October 10, having been retrograde since May 23, and Jupiter will turn direct on October 17, having been retrograde since June 20.

Both planets are currently in Aquarius, so this is news.

Saturn has been teaching you how to take on more responsibility in life—you already know which sector you chose because you’ve had Saturn in Aquarius since December 17, 2020.

You may have chosen to get married, have a baby, advance your career, or gained the courage to start your own business. You may have bought your first house or gone to graduate school for an advanced degree—you became ready to take on the responsibility of something new that would change your life substantially.

You already likely picked one more of these areas to tackle. Saturn helps us stabilize our lives by realizing the passage of time and the need to show accomplishment at different stages of life. Now that Saturn is moving ahead, he can help stabilize your life and give you a greater sense of security. Saturn will remain in your sign until early March 2023.

Saturn used to be your ruler in ancient times before Uranus was discovered, so Saturn’s movements are important to you. Modern astrologers look to both Uranus and Saturn when making your forecast.

Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and Jupiter will go direct on October 17, having been retrograde since June 20, as I mentioned earlier. You are in your Emerald Year, but if you have felt that things haven’t been that great lately, this may have been because Jupiter was in retrograde. Things should go much better after October 17 and continue to do well until he leaves, December 28 of this year. So much of the success of next year, 2022, will be predicated on the seeds you plant this year—get busy, because 2022 is due to be your year of the great harvest.

The full moon of October 20 in Aries, 27 degrees, will put the emphasis on travel once again, but this time to short distances, within 200 miles of your home. You might decide to take a little drive into the country over the weekend of October 23-24, a good time to go. This house rules sisters, brothers, and cousins, so perhaps you’ll travel to see one. This area of your chart also rules neighbors, so one of your friendly neighbors may invite you to a small gathering at her house.

You may have a contract presented to you at the full moon, for the full moon is in a house that covers agreements. Fortunately, all the planets will be strong and moving direct, so it is a good time to sign. Always show any paperwork to your lawyer first—I like October 28 and October 31 for signing. I will explain those dates at the end of this report, just prior to the summary.

I feel every Aquarian will like this full moon, no matter when your birthday falls. If your birthday falls on February 15, plus or minus four days, you will benefit from this full moon quite a bit. If you have Aquarius rising or your natal moon at 27 degrees, or close to this degree, you will benefit in extra ways, too. Also, look to see if you have a natal planet at 27 degrees in Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, and if so, that planet will go the distance to help you.

On another note, when you look at the planets this month, you have four transiting celestial bodies in Libra (air), two in Aquarius (air), and one about to enter fire, Venus, on October 7. That means seven out of 10 heavenly bodies will be in highly supportive elements, standing by to support your every move. Even the full moon in Aries is in a fire element, so in October you have the majority of the solar system on your side.

As promised I want to point out two days that glitter for you.

The first one will be October 28 when Venus will receive golden beams from good-fortune Jupiter. Jupiter is in Aquarius, putting you in your Emerald Year, meaning you are finding yourself in a good place these days with opportunities all around you—if you look for them, you’ll find them. You may be so busy doing things that you may not realize the great potential of the seeds you are planting now. You will see the truth of this in 2022.

With Venus in Sagittarius in perfect angle to Jupiter on October 28, you will stand to gain from the kindness of a friend. She or he may make a gesture that helps you enormously. Alternatively, your membership in a group will turn out to be an asset to you. See how this works out for you.

The other special day will be October 31. This time, it will be Mercury who will be in trine (ideal angle) to Jupiter, making this a fantastic day to sign a contract, the best you could ever hope to get! It’s also a superb day to give a speech, send your manuscript to your publisher, travel, do a negotiation (for it would likely turn out to be a win-win for both sides), or to launch an advertising, publicity, or a social media campaign.

Mercury rules your eighth house of other people’s money, so it’s also a day to pitch your financial needs for your new busines to a venture capitalist or have a talk with your banker for a loan or mortgage. It’s a day to make a big sale or to purchase something expensive that you’ve long wanted to buy. All in all, October 31 is truly a great day.

Get as much done after Mercury is done retrograding (October 18) as possible, as next month will be a turbulent time. Uranus, your ruler, will be back to his unpredictable antics, and the new moon of November 4 is sure to bring shock waves to everyone. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 is not due to be entirely easy either. Your home and family will need you on November 4, and your career might bring changes on November 19. In all, everyone will feel the rocking and rolling of November, so while you have a supportive October dotted with many spectacular aspects, make it a point to get things done now. You will need to keep open your schedule in November so that you can move in various direction if needed.


This will be a happy month, brimming with opportunity. Your attention will be drawn to foreign people and places at the new moon of October 6 in Libra, a highly compatible sign for you. You might start a business relationship with one or more people abroad. Jupiter will be in perfect angle to four celestial bodies in your ninth house—the new moon (October 6), the Sun, Mars, and Mercury. Normally you would be able to travel under such an encouraging new moon, but we are still in a pandemic, so you may need to be happy with Zoom conferences with people overseas, but nevertheless talks will produce impressive results.

The import and export of ideas, goods, and services could produce very good income for you with your aspects. Jupiter in Aquarius for the first time in 12 years is currently giving you a wide view of the possibilities within projects you work on.

The ninth house, which is so favorably lit for you, also rules the media, covering publishing and broadcasting, as well as the digital world. It encompasses all citizenship, passport, visa, green card, and immigration matters. This area of the chart is basically an intellectual part of the chart where we take in information and share what we learn later with others. (International travel was always considered by the ancient astrologers to be an excellent form of learning.)

The other area that might light up for you instead will involve your goal to earn a college or undergraduate degree. One of these areas, including international relationships mentioned earlier, will become very fortunate for you after October 6 and in the days and weeks to come.

You’ve been shuttered for a long time to stay safe from the pandemic, so it’s understandable that you’d be anxious to fly to a distant point. You might be able to travel this month but be careful. Take whatever precautions that are necessary.

If you badly want to get a change of scenery, the full moon in Aries on October 20 might be the ideal time to pack and drive to a scenic location. That full moon will light your third house of short-distance travel, so if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you might want to go to a location where mother nature has turned her leaves brilliant shades of gold, red, and orange. Picking apples might be fun, away from the city in the crisp, cool air. In the Southern Hemisphere, spring is breaking out, so just a trip to enjoy the warming weather could bring a breath of fresh air.

You may be asked to sign legal papers at the full moon, October 20, plus or minus five days. If so, you can. Since Mercury won’t go direct until October 18 (and you should always wait a few more days after Mercury goes direct to sign anything), if you can wait, October 31 will bring Mercury (contracts) in contact with Jupiter (good fortune), so by all means sign on that day as it will be quite a wonderful day.

When it comes to love, with Jupiter in Aquarius, you have one of the finest forecasts of any sign. Venus will move to compatible Sagittarius, your highly social eleventh house of fun, friends, leisure, and romance on October 7 to stay until November 5. You have it all, dear Aquarius. Everyone wants to be you!

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