Aquarius Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You already likely picked one more of these areas to tackle. Saturn helps us stabilize our lives by realizing the passage of time and the need to show accomplishment at different stages of life. Now that Saturn is moving ahead, he can help stabilize your life and give you a greater sense of security. Saturn will remain in your sign until early March 2023.

Saturn used to be your ruler in ancient times before Uranus was discovered, so Saturn’s movements are important to you. Modern astrologers look to both Uranus and Saturn when making your forecast.

Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and Jupiter will go direct on October 17, having been retrograde since June 20, as I mentioned earlier. You are in your Emerald Year, but if you have felt that things haven’t been that great lately, this may have been because Jupiter was in retrograde. Things should go much better after October 17 and continue to do well until he leaves, December 28 of this year. So much of the success of next year, 2022, will be predicated on the seeds you plant this year—get busy, because 2022 is due to be your year of the great harvest.

The full moon of October 20 in Aries, 27 degrees, will put the emphasis on travel once again, but this time to short distances, within 200 miles of your home. You might decide to take a little drive into the country over the weekend of October 23-24, a good time to go. This house rules sisters, brothers, and cousins, so perhaps you’ll travel to see one. This area of your chart also rules neighbors, so one of your friendly neighbors may invite you to a small gathering at her house.

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