Aquarius Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Moving on to a spectacular day to mark down will be October 15 when good-fortune Jupiter will be in the ideal place to help all the activities covered by the ninth house and given a big boost by the new moon October 6. (All new moons open a portal of energy that is in play for weeks and months.

October 15 could easily become one of your favorites days of the month when Jupiter will send a sparkling trine beam to the Sun. Schedule an important interview with a VIP. Or schedule an interview with the press, go off on a trip, or have an important discussion about a project with an influential person based overseas or who now lives in your country and speaks with a slight accent.

This gracious new moon in Libra will be accompanied by her partner the Sun, as well as Mercury and Mars. Mars’ presence in this house is significant for Mars will give testimony to how vital this part of your life has become. Mars arrived last month on September 14 and will stay until October 30. Mars brings energy, courage, and determination to all that he touches. This is the planet that teaches you how to compete effectively and win. This month is loaded with jewel-like planetary aspects, but here is one I want you to make a note on.

On October 18, Mars in Libra will trine Jupiter in Aquarius, which means these two planets will be in supreme harmony. All the areas that are covered by the ninth house listed above will glow for you, from global business relationships and long-distance travel to media projects and interviews, and legal matters and efforts related to getting a university degree. Put a big star on October 18 for this will be a standout day to take action and see results in any of these areas. This day will also sparkle for a product launch or a new advertising or social media campaign. When Mars and Jupiter link up, actions lead to profits.

Something else quite extraordinary is happening this month. Three major outer planets will turn direct this month. Let’s have a look.

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