Aquarius Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Jupiter in Aquarius will also support the new moon of October 6, but his support is wide (there is a 10-degree spread between Jupiter and the new moon). I wish Jupiter were in a closer, tighter aspect, but he is still in a significant place to help you.

Jupiter will be in the ideal place vis-à-vis the Sun on October 15, a day you should plan to meet with a high-level person to make a presentation, have an interview, or to ask a favor.

You are likely to ace that meeting! This month you certainly have the universe on your side.

I will admit that Mercury, one of the gang of four that are gathering in your ninth house at the new moon October 6, will be retrograde. Mercury started to retrograde on September 26 and will continue until October 18.

We all know by now that Mercury causes postponements, cancellations, delays, miscommunications, and forgetfulness because we tend to become distracted and rushed. VIPs become maddeningly out of touch, and problems with computers and software start to surface. I still maintain that that this month you can outwit clever little Mercury and stop him in his tracks. You have too many outstanding aspects covering you with a blizzard of confetti to let impatient Mercury trifle with you.

October 15 could easily become one of your favorites days of the month when Jupiter will send a sparkling trine beam to the Sun. Schedule an important interview with a VIP.

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