Aquarius Horoscope for October 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You are going to love October. You’ve been through difficult times, but this month is an oasis of calm with a number of opportunities that will keep coming up for you. Much of the energy in your chart is centered on your ninth house, an area that covers international relationships and travel among other possibilities. You may be doing a lot of work overseas, and your work may or may not require you to travel. Instead, you may be spending time on Zoom.

You might be involved in the import-export business of ideas, goods, or services, or an immigration or related matter (passport, visa, green card) may be on your desk, and if so, things will start moving in the right direction for you. You could be working on a media project (publishing, broadcasting, digital work) or possibly with academic people—professors or researchers—who are part of esteemed universities. You may be working with distinguished doctors, lawyers, executive producers, publishers, ambassadors, or high-level business leaders. It is alternatively possible you decided to go back to the classroom as an undergraduate or graduate student. You may be applying for a grant to do specialized research abroad in your subject.

No matter how this trend is affecting you, it’s a big trend this month. Even if this area of life resonates with you, it’s about to grow bigger very shortly, just after the new moon of October 6 in Libra at 13 degrees. Your horizons are opening up now, and you are viewing possibilities in far bigger terms than you did in the past.

The new moon this month is a favorite of mine because Saturn, your ancient ruler before Uranus was discovered, will be so positively placed and supportive of all you do for the long-term future. This month, you can give a firm foundation to your projects and relationships with the reasonable expectation that your efforts will lead to success. Take action just after the new moon appears, October 6.

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