Aquarius Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Keep your health strong as there will be a demanding person near you who will expect you to do more than most people. I am anticipating a strong second wave of the virus. I see how hard you are working, and I want you to stay well. I feel the virus will start to show signs of growing in October but reach a peak near November 12, and the curve will not flatten until mid-December 2020.

A vaccine may be ready by Christmas, but more likely not until about January 12, but that doesn’t mean we will be out of the woods. The medical community will still need to distribute the medicine, including not only to the people in your country but also to poorer countries that do not have the resources to produce a vaccine. Until everyone has the vaccine, we can’t be free of it. Experts say, we would ideally need about 70% of the population to have antibodies in order to get the virus under control.

By the way, the Spanish flu (from 1918) is still with us (you can google this fact). We call it the seasonal flu now as it mutates every year. Fortunately, most scientists in the Western world don’t feel the coronavirus has mutated, but they aren’t sure. If it hasn’t mutated, it make the process of developing a virus easier. Anyway, I see you will be under strain this month, and I don’t want you to have “pandemic fatigue.” Keep your guard up, especially since, as mentioned above, I see the probability of a second wave to be coming now, in October, and growing stronger in November. You have to be well to interview for that big job!

If you assume that the challenges of this month are over, no, there will be more.

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