Aquarius Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Moving on, let’s look at the new moon of October 16 in Libra, 24 degrees, which is set to light your ninth house of distant travel, which seems doubtful, since we are dealing with a pandemic. You may, however, be doing business with people abroad or with foreign people based in your country. If you have been waiting for an immigration interview, you might get a letter that it could take place soon as this house rules citizenship, green cards, and visas.

The ninth house, where this new moon will shine on October 16, also rules information you take in, such as in college or graduate school, or that you read or have experience with through time, and it also rules information you share through publishing and broadcasting, as well as through the digital world.

One of these areas may bring obstacles after the new moon appears in October 16 as this new moon will be flawed. Saturn and Pluto will argue with this new moon and Sun by sending a 90-degree square aspect. Saturn square the Sun is a tough aspect and can make you feel you have too much to do with too little time to get it all done. Pluto square the Sun can make a key VIP unsympathetic to any plight you want to discuss and will likely turn down any favor you ask of that high-level person.

That’s not all. Mars will point his cannons at the Sun and new moon on October 16, another daring aspect that could dramatically hurt your self-esteem. Someone may be very critical of you, and you will have to take the valuable part of their feedback to heart but not allow it to crush you. On top of this, besides directly opposing the Sun and new moon, Mars is going after Saturn and Pluto too, in a square aspect. Whoa! Mars will be taking on two very powerful planets, and this suggests you may have to fend off considerable competition or uncooperative people for any venture listed at the top of this report as falling under the ninth house. You will have far better aspects next month. I have never seen the planets so angry with one another as I do in October.

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