Aquarius Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Ever since June 27, Mars has been touring your third sector of communication, and Mars is set to remain in the same house until January 6. Mars is in fire-sign Aries, the sign Mars rules, so that makes Mars’ placement in this sign strong. Fortunately for you, you are an air sign, and air and fire blend well together—it’s an energizing vibration, so no doubt you are busy.

As you enter the month, a full moon on October 1 falling in this very same sector, Aries, will bring a culmination to a contract or communication effort. However, Mars is not leaving this part of your chart until January 6, so it is likely with a full moon in this sector you will be reaching a plateau. You may be writing an important report or manuscript, working on a series of press releases, putting together a publicity, advertising or marketing campaign, or giving an important series of speeches or interviews. You may be getting ready to defend your thesis to a panel of professors, making closing remarks for a court trail, or translating the an important ancient work. You may end a number of sessions on media training or giving those sessions to someone who will soon be a spokesperson on TV.

You might be writing computer code, displaying a newly designed website, or placing an app on the market. Or you may be or finishing the lyrics to a music you composed. You likely have an avalanche of emails coming in and probably will be asked to join a number of Zoom calls. This full moon is bringing some sort of communication to a full point.

The new moon of October 16 in Libra, 24 degrees, is set to light your ninth house of distant travel. Due to the pandemic, however, rather than travel abroad, you may be doing business with people abroad or with foreign people based in your country. If you have been waiting for an immigration interview, you might get a letter that it could take place soon as this house rules citizenship, green cards, and visas.

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