Aquarius Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Halloween brings a forceful, volatile full moon that will come packed with surprises, but perhaps not the one you are hoping to experience. This full moon on October 31 will appear in your home sector and will be conjunct Uranus, the planet known to disrupt the status quo and create news that comes out of the blue. For you, your attention will immediately be drawn to your home or family. You may be moving to a new location, possibly radically different from where you’ve lived before due to a job opportunity. Alternatively, you may make sweeping changes to your present home—by this point, your home décor designer will either be finished and you will see the results, or you would be picking the designer you want to start to work with—if you can, wait until mid-November to do that. It seems something will come up that will not at all be what you were expecting.

There may be news concerning a parent or other immediate family member, or it may be a situation your landlord presents to you. The news could be entirely unexpected too, so keep your schedule light and remember to breathe. If you work in a home office, you may have to relocate temporarily, or it may be that a project you are working on either at home or at the office may have to be redone using a different, more innovative approach. Uranus teaches us to be resourceful, and you are up to the task, for sure.

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