Aquarius Horoscope for November 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

All these concepts were coming to the surface late last month on the full moon lunar eclipse of October 28 in Taurus. Something was coming to a crest or finish, and as you enter November, you may still be thinking about events that occurred.

The first two weeks of November will be quiet, and you will be able to follow your own agenda. However, the mood will change after the new moon November 13 in Scorpio, 21 degrees. Your attention will switch to your career, for that new moon is about to appear at the pinnacle of your chart. If you are not in the work force, you may be doing important humanitarian or community work that will draw positive acclaim and, in weeks to come, give you the chance to raise your public image.

However, Uranus, your ruling planet, will simultaneously oppose the Sun, new moon, and Mars—a jarring aspect. Something going on at home unexpectedly will require you switch your attention to there. It could be that your home loses all its electrical power or that something goes wrong with a computer or digital device that you urgently need to do your work. Many people work from home in a hybrid situation (working part of the time at the office, part of the time at home), and you might, too. If so, you would need Wi-Fi to do your job, and your family or roommate would need it for other reasons.

Within four days of the November 27 full moon, carve out quality time with the one you love or, if not attached, plan a fun, surprise outing for little ones close to you that will be remembered forever.

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