Aquarius Horoscope for November 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

As you may know, I’ve had a severe eye infection since September. The infection is gone, and so is the inflammation, but I’m still dealing with debris in my eyes. As I heal, I should be fine by the time I begin writing your December forecast.

This month could be a turning point, for the main energy of the planets will cut across the top and bottom of your chart, emphasizing key areas of your life: your home and family at one point, and your career and public image will be accented on the other.

The planets have strongly spotlighted the benefit to you of devoting time and energy to improving the stylishness and comfort of your physical home. To that end, you may renovate, redecorate, or simply do a thorough cleaning and make repairs. You may have purchased property or rented your first apartment or vacation cottage, but no matter what you did, you had every chance to make your home(s) your castle. Good-fortune Jupiter is currently in your home and family sector and will remain in this part of your chart until May 25, 2024, so you have plenty of time to devote to any plan—or to realize a wish—you have regarding your home or other property. If you bought extra property to rent out, such as through Airbnb, you could be in line to make quite a profit (or soon will) because Jupiter is not only tied to happiness in a chart but also financial gain.

Included in this trend is the joy you would likely feel when you devote time to and strengthen your bonds with family. Doing so would bring you an enormous feeling of warmth and closeness. You would enjoy strong family support back, too—your family apparently loves your ideas and will encourage you to go after your dream. A family member might give you tips, an introduction, or contribute funds too, to help you reach your goal.

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