Aquarius Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Aquarius

This month could represent an important tipping point where things that have been all wrong become right again. I am not saying getting to that final, improved end point will be easy. In fact, you have several planets and houses of your chart lit up at a particularly wild full moon November 8, and a large number of planets are being drawn into the fray.

I should explain that you are in the process of going through two eclipses. One already appeared last month on October 25, which energized your tenth house of fame and honors—it highlighted your reputation and your prestigious career progress. You may have heard about a job you could interview for and were (or soon will be) excited to be up for. Or you may have been given a prestigious promotion, new job, or if self-employed, a lucrative new client or some impressive publicity. That eclipse on October 25 was a solar new moon eclipse in Scorpio, 2 degrees, and it was mainly friendly, and although there were a few weird crosscurrents, you were able to surmount obstacles and go for the gold.

The second eclipse happens this month on November 8, will arrive as a full moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus, 16 degrees, and will light up your fourth house of home and family. It will be a challenging eclipse that will demand much of your energy. When news arrives, the message will come out of the blue, suddenly, because your ruling planet Uranus will take a strong role at eclipse time. It will tightly conjunct the full moon, making things volatile, unpredictable, and jarring. The moon is always tied to your domestic condition, so there are likely to be sudden changes in your home or in regard to one family member.

Let me show you the entire picture. The full moon in Taurus will conjoin surprise planet (and your ruler) Uranus, both at 16 to 17 degrees. Both will directly oppose the Sun at 17 degrees Scorpio. Accompanying the Sun in Scorpio will be Venus and Mercury. Venus will be close by at 21 degrees (considered within orb of the eclipse) and Mercury will be right next to the Sun at 16 degrees.

That would be enough to cause shocks or tension—but there is more. Saturn in Aquarius at 18 degrees is at the center of all that is happening. In astrology we call Saturn’s position the mid-point or middle of the two waring planets. That position is considered a very powerful point because Saturn will send a 90-degree square (obstacle) to both the Sun and full moon. Said another way, Saturn in Aquarius will apply pressure to the Sun in Scorpio, along with Venus and Mercury closely clustered to the Sun, and to the total full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, which is conjunct Uranus (in Taurus).

If you look closely at all three signs, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, you will see they are all are fixed signs. This means finding a solution may be hard because parties involved will be fixed as granite and wedded to their positions—unwilling to give an inch. If you have a mutable rising sign (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius), you can come up with lots of ideas, for mutable signs are the most resourceful when in a tight spot. If you don’t have a heavy representation of mutable signs in your chart, go to a person who you know and trust and who is a Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Virgo. They stay cool under pressure and will have many ideas for you.

Eclipses are non-negotiable, so you can’t beg someone to reconsider or go back to a former time to re-create the good old days. Those days are gone. Save your dignity, and don’t try to get the other party to change their mind to return to things as they were. It won’t happen.

Find reasons to step out to socialize after November 23 and be open to new people—you will enjoy your time out.

To find a solution, we need to look to Saturn in the middle of all this, which will urge you to remain unemotional (much easier said than done). Be realistic and objective, and avoid wishful thinking. Deal with facts, and above all, be pragmatic.

This eclipse might center on your physical home, so you may find out from your landlord that she has sold the building and you’ll need to move soon. Or you may have to suddenly fix damage to the structure of your house. You may need to call the repairman for an appliance, such as a washing machine or dishwasher that is on the fritz, for it could have caused a flood. These are just two examples. In another manifestation, you may hear that a family member needs your assistance, advice, or emotional support. If this how the eclipse affects you, you will need to drop everything to offer it.

There are other ways this could work out. Let’s say your name is on the lease, and you have a roommate, but she’s not been too compatible. She is always late with the rent and is always eating up the lamb chops you just bought or the chocolate mousse you had delivered today as takeout from your favorite French restaurant. You know you need to ask her to find a new place to live, but you have no idea how to accomplish that feat. It certainly is hard to persuade someone to move—it often takes a total eclipse of the moon to make it happen. Take heart!

I should add that Uranus conjunct the moon is known to bring computer problems, and it may happen not with your laptop but with one of the many devices in your home that run on computer chips from your living room to the kitchen to the bedroom or anywhere in your house. Make sure your malware protection is up to date.

If you need money to help solve the problem, it should be there for you. Here’s why: Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is retrograde, but in this instance that’s a blessing. Benefic Jupiter started to retrograde on July 28, and by late last month, on October 27, it backed into Pisces, your second house of earned income, and out of Aries, your third house of communication, where it had been since May. Jupiter will remain in your salary/bonus house until next month, but the important part is that Jupiter will put on his full power when he goes direct on November 23 and will remain in your money house until December 20. That’s when your luck with money will be best, but don’t play lotto, we are talking earned income here.

I am also encouraged by the fact that Jupiter and Pluto, both big financial planets, will be in sync all month. That’s an aspect of prosperity—if you are looking for a job or hope to get a generous bonus for the holidays, it looks to be in the cards for you.

This eclipse is part of a family of eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio that first started November 19, 2021. Then, earlier this year there were two more eclipses in these signs, a new moon solar eclipses in Taurus April 30 and a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15. As you know, last month brought another, a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, which was mainly favorable for your career. Do any of the dates in this list stand out? Usually, a series of eclipses will begin a discussion until the matter culminates and ends at one of the eclipses, so something may finally end on November 8.

Eclipses repeat in precisely the same sign and degree every 19 years. You came through a similar eclipse on November 8, 2003, although not nearly as unpredictable and volatile. If you are old enough to have lived through that eclipse and can remember what occurred, you might be able to pick up a theme that surfaced then and might again now. Nothing ever repeats exactly—the other planets surrounding that eclipse in 2003 have moved to different positions in your chart by 2022, but the Sun and full moon will be in the same position now as they were then—Taurus at 16 degrees.

If your birthday falls on February 5, you will feel this eclipse, plus or minus four days. The same is true if you have Aquarius rising or Aquarius on the mid-heaven at 16 degrees (that is the cusp of your tenth house), plus or minus five degrees. If you have a natal planet in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius, 16 degrees, you will have a challenge, too. I tell you this so that you won’t do anything important on November 8 or the days that circle it—keep a space of days. I cannot see your entire chart, so read for your rising sign too, for it is equal in importance to your birthday Sun sign. Blend the two in your mind, and you will have an excellent forecast.

Here is something to remember: Do not initiate anything on an eclipse for your action won’t work out as you planned. It is okay to REACT to someone’s words, after you have taken a day or two to think and reflect. DO NOT START or INITIATE anything on an eclipse. Eclipses all have a second act where new information comes out later. You may feel impulsive, passionate, or pressured to respond, but you need to slow down. Eclipses kick up a lot of cosmic dust, and it’s hard to see the road ahead. Even if you are pressured, take a day or two to think and perhaps get advice.

You may have already experienced the November 8 eclipse last month on the full moon October 9. Astrologers use bell curves, so you can feel an eclipse before it happens. (In astrology we see the concept of time very differently from lay people.) About 10 percent of my readers will feel an eclipse one month earlier, plus or minus four days, so that was October 9 (on the full moon). About 15 percent of readers will feel it one month to the day later, which would bring us to the full moon on December 7, plus or minus four days. I would say 75 percent of readers will feel it on the day it occurs, again plus or minus four days.

Now let’s turn to action-oriented Mars, an see what the red planet is up to. Mars entered your fifth house of true love on August 20 and is set to stay there until March 25, 2023, a very long time for Mars to spend in any house of the chart. Mars is in air-sign Gemini, which is great place for you, so if you met someone, your relationship should be going well. Mars went retrograde on October 30 and won’t go direct until January 12, 2023.

If you have been feeling on and off about your sweetheart, that’s understandable. You might not want to make a final decision until your glorious new moon, January 21, 2023. (Mars never snaps back into perfect form the minute he goes direct. Like most people after getting up in the morning, little Mars needs a cup of coffee and time to adjust.) While he won’t be perfect until the beginning of March, I love the new moon of January 21 in Aquarius for you—it’s a sparkler. You can make up your mind then.

Mars in your fifth house also focuses your mind on children and pregnancy, and from January 21 to March 25, you can make great progress on what you hope to accomplish on that front.

Your fifth house, so energized by Mars, also rules your creativity and artistic expressions, so if you are creative, you are likely to get plenty of assignments to showcase your talents during the time Mars is in Gemini. During the Mars retrograde (October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023), you may find that it takes more time and money to finish a project, but that will be resolved by late January. Mars won’t retrograde again until December 2024.

While on the subject of retrogrades, you can shop for electronics, sign contracts, and move ahead on any plan you have in November because Mars’ little brother Mercury won’t retrograde until December 29, 2022, to January 18, 2023 (in Capricorn). That’s another reason to wait for the glorious new moon in Aquarius on January 21, 2023.

The last thing I have to tell you is that despite the tension you may feel at the eclipse of November 8, you will move into much calmer, sweeter territory.

Once you get to November 23 and the new moon in Sagittarius, 2 degrees, your eleventh house of friends, fun, and pure joy, you will be able to exhale, breathe, and see that life truly does hold many treasures for you. Your friends will ask you to join them, and it would be good for you to get out of the house to mix and mingle. If you were thinking of joining a social or professional club, this new moon would bring lovely benefits for doing so.

You may decide to join a charity, community action, or humanitarian effort, for Jupiter and Neptune will orbit close, both in Pisces, the sign that both planets rule. (Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. Neptune is the modern ruler, and professional astrologers look at both.) This is the only time that we will see these two planets together in Pisces in our lifetime. Thanks to Jupiter and Neptune so close in the sign they rule until the December 20 (and that makes this aspect super strong), I feel you might be moved to do something for those less fortune.

As you see, this is a month cut in two. Keep your schedule light in the first half of the month. I say, sit on the couch, open the window, and see what flies in on November 8. We can’t control everything in life, but you can control your response. You’ve faced challenges before, and you have become stronger for it.


You may be tempted to make major changes in your life for the full moon lunar eclipse of November 8 will be volatile and bring unpredictable news that may temporarily leave you shocked. It’s often hard to separate fact from fiction at eclipse time, so take your time to sort things out before you decide what you will do next. Last month on October 25 you had a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, which may have brought positive changes in your career. Now your attention will be drawn to your home and family life too, and some sort of change seems to be afoot.

Don’t be impulsive—you will want to be, but it would be best to resist that urge. Your ruling planet Uranus will be very active and will be conjunct the tender full moon. Uranus will also oppose the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. With so many planets being lit up and involved, this eclipse will cause a ripple effect and shifts throughout various areas of your life. As an Aquarian, you are a fixed sign and don’t like to see too much change happen at once, but this month, there will be almost no way to avoid facing up to some changes. If you are moving house for a particular reason, make sure your reasoning is sound and that the move will improve what you hope to correct—to make your life happier.

Saturn in Aquarius will send a harsh message to the Sun and full moon, and because Saturn is your ancient ruler (Uranus is your modern ruler, since its discovery in 1781), this eclipse will speak to you more directly than most (modern astrologers look at both planets). This month at the November 8 eclipse, both your rulers will be active and act out in a rebellious, extreme way. Nothing will go according to plan, so delay any important decisions until December. Those readers born within five days of February 5 will be the most likely to feel news from this eclipse.

This is a high-tension eclipse for everybody of every sign. The saving grace in your chart is that by November 23, Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will be in ideal angle to the Sun and full moon, so if the shifts you need to make are costly, you will have the money you’ll need for the changes you want to make. Jupiter moved into your house of income and earnings on October 27, to stay until December 20, so a generous sum of money will be there when you need it.

November is filled with high contrast vibes. Once you get to November 20 things will begin to improve noticeably. On this day Jupiter will reach out to the Sun in precise trine (a heavenly aspect—one of the best you could get), and anything you do then is likely to bring a lucrative outcome. Money seems to be on the way, so make an initiation of some kind—seal a deal, negotiate, ask for a raise, or look for a side hustle.

The new moon on November 23 will usher in a time to have a much bigger social life. You may make a new friend, and present friends will call and want you to be part of their festivities for the coming season. That new moon will be friendly to Mars in your house of true love, so who knows what hauntingly memorable stranger you might meet at those gatherings? Look your dazzling best, dear Aquarius, for you’ll be holding all aces and could meet the person of your dreams. Find reasons to step out to socialize after November 23 and be open to new people—you will enjoy your time out.

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