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I know you have been waiting for my Year Ahead 2022 forecast, and it is here! Read on!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be a somewhat difficult month, so start by lightening up your calendar so that you have space to move in any direction that you may need. Uranus, your ruling planet, will be acting in a wild and wooly way all month. No matter what you think will happen, won’t, and something else will. This month is a test of your resourcefulness and ability to turn on a dime at a moment’s notice.

This trend will start on November 4, the new moon in Scorpio, 13 degrees, in your prestigious tenth house of career, your reputation, your legacy, and your future professional victories. Usually, a new moon in the tenth house is exciting because a favorable new moon brings opportunities. This one is flawed because Uranus will directly oppose the new moon and Sun from your fourth house of home.

This suggests to me that you may be offered a dream promotion or new position from a competitive firm but not be able to accept because the timing is off, and those at home who love you and need you to help them will make you think twice about accepting. You may have responsibilities for a child with special needs or an aging parent who desperately needs your attention. Taking on a new job may represent bad timing right now, for you may feel that there is no one to fill in for you as you take on more duties for you career. The beginning of any new job is the toughest with new people, new procedures, new type of work—so much to learn.

If that is not the case for you—that possibility does not resonate for you—you might be offered a job in a distant city and either hesitate to move or have problems you don’t expect finding suitable housing while also having problems selling your present condo or house for a decent price. If you have children, uprooting them to a new city adds another layer of problems. You see my point—something going on at home will likely interfere with your plans for your career.

There’s more. Saturn is your ancient ruler before Uranus was discovered. Today, astrologers look at both planets to decide the upcoming influences. Saturn in Aquarius will be at the mid-point between Uranus, planet of the future and surprise in your fourth house of home, and the Sun and new moon in you tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement. Being in the middle, Saturn creates a 90-degree square to Uranus in Taurus and simultaneously, another square to your prestigious career house. Squares cause obstacles. In this position, Saturn will put a lot of pressure on you to live up to responsibilities and promises you’ve made previously.

There are complications—Mars went into your house of fame and honors on October 30 to stay until December 13, so it’s clear you’ve been working on your career and have been looking forward to increasing your status in a new job. If you are self-employed, you have wanted to get new clients, so this twist with home and family considerations is something you had not factored into the equation.

Luckily, by nature you are analytical and tend to stay cool under pressure. You work mainly on facts, although, of course, you are human, too. When it comes to family, I think we all have a sweet spot for our beloved children and parents, and if living with your sweetheart or spouse, their feelings matter enormously, too.

It can take weeks and often up to six months to solve whatever situations arise just after the new moon arrives, in this case, November 4. You can’t rush the answer to the home-related question, although the career offer will demand an answer.

All month, your need for independence will be strong. . . . Either change will come to you, or you will suddenly and courageously stand up and make the changes yourself.

There are no right or wrong answers, and only you can decide what you’d like to do. Uranus has been in your home sector since 2018 and will remain there until 2026. Uranus is the planet making your home or family life unpredictable—never more than this month. You need to be flexible, but you are a fixed sign and like to keep things relatively stable, so this may be hard for you.

You might decide to keep looking for another job. If you got one offer, lightning does strike twice—it must mean you have an impressive résumé and will easily get more offers. It is possible your present employer will try to counter the offer to keep you, so that’s another factor to consider.

If you want to hold back and give yourself six months, the new moon of May 15, 2022, a friendly solar eclipse in Scorpio, will be beautifully positioned to help you get a lucrative career offer on or near May 15. (February 2022 favors you too, but May brings a more defined outlook specifically for your career advancement.) As you see, if you have to give up this offer, don’t worry, there will be more.

If you are self-employed, you may lose one client but can set out to find another. The universe cannot tolerate a vacuum, so it will rush to help you fill the space of that lost client. In case you are skeptical, your outlook for earnings in 2022 is fantastic—you will make money—so worrying that you will run out of cash would just be a waste of time. You are heading to a fantastic financial year.

One day I want to flag for you is November 13, a bad day to sign a contract, to have any business meeting, or to make a presentation. On this day, Uranus will be arguing with Mercury in a direct 180-degree confrontation. Mercury rules one of your financial houses, and things might go in all the wrong direction on a deal you are trying to make on this day. (A romantic matter is not going to go well on this day either. Stay home, take a mental health day, and read a good book.)

That brings me to the full moon lunar eclipse of November 19 in Taurus, 27 degrees, bringing a conclusion to your decision about a home or family matter. I know, this month has everything stuffed into 30 little days.

Eclipses repeat every 19 years, so you had a similar one in 2002. Do you recall anything that happened on or near November 19, 2002? Although all the other planets will have since moved into different positions, if you can recall a theme that came up then, you may see that theme echoed again this month.

Two days prior to the eclipse could be one of the tensest days of the month, November 17, when the moon will be conjunct Uranus, and both will oppose Mars and Mercury at the same time.

When I use the word family, I am thinking mainly about one of your parents, ruled by the fourth house of home. Yet I have also found in my own life that the addition of new life to your family—a newborn baby—also can be covered by this same fourth house. You may have a sibling or a grown daughter who needs your help caring for the baby. That would be another reason you might not accept a job that will consume you now.

The full moon eclipse on November 19 in your of home sector could also mean you are moving this month, will be closing on a new house, finishing renovations, or seeing the painters or repairmen finish up and leave. You may be getting furniture delivered, or you may be finding a new roommate.

Something is getting concluded regarding your home life, but none of it will be easy. If you put in a bid on a house or condo, you’ll hear back if you won the bid. If your mother or father would like to move to an assisted living facility, it will be up to you to find the suitable space. If, instead, your mom would like to live in her home, you will need to interview suitable aids to help her with cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, and so forth, arriving each day (or living with her ) with arrangements made for a second aid to help her over weekends, the choice we took for my Little Mom. All this will take time from your career, so hopefully you will have an understanding boss.

What concerns me about this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus? Earlier in the month, Uranus would be arguing with the Sun and new moon. Later, on November 13, Uranus will go after Mercury. Then, on the eclipse November 19, Uranus will be going after Mars in your tenth house of fame and honors. This is a very inflammatory, angry aspect, so I am not sure your boss will be as understanding as you would need.

Mars brings noise to the house it enters (which is why you might be moving or renovating), but it also can bring so much energy that it produces strife. You may have an argument with a roommate, landlord, decorator, architect, gardener, housekeeper, member of your family—you get the idea, someone connected to your home. (Hopefully, it will not be an argument with a boss, client, or other individual at work.)

An argument could easily inflate beyond your ability to control it. An eclipse often “eclipses out” someone from your life (in this case from your home), so be careful not to let a disagreement blow up so large that you lose control.

There are many possibilities in terms of what could change in your home life. Your housekeeper or steady nanny might suddenly quit and travel back home to her country to see her own family and decide not to come back. Unlike a new moon (like the one we will have on November 4), which has a long reach, affecting you for up to six months before you can solve the matter, a full moon (like this one, November 19) demands closure, and you will need to come up with an answer quickly.

As you see, your ruling planets, Uranus (along with Saturn) will cause a frenzy this month. Keep your nerves calm, so don’t put undo pressure on yourself. Everyone, of every sign, will feel the demand of Uranus and Saturn in different ways in November, in different parts of their chart. Realize they will feel the tension. Keep that in mind—everyone will be walking on eggshells—so be kind and not too demanding.

Mars is in your career sector, and Uranus is 180 degrees away in your home sector. I am wondering if someone you work with—a VIP—is self-centered and will not be sympathetic to all you have to do at home. You will necessarily be distracted with sudden events, and that’s life. It happens. If you have to take vacation days to deal with what comes up, then do it. I am trying to think of ways you can reduce the pressure on you. Having quiet time to work on home matters would be a good idea.

You may try to figure out what might come up, but you can never anticipate what Uranus will do, for he always does what you’d never even consider possible. Uranus lives up to his reputation as the planet of surprise, only this month, it won’t necessarily be surprises you like.

Venus is moving into Capricorn on November 5 and will stay an extraordinarily long time—all the way to March 6, 2022. The typical amount of time that Venus spends in a sign is one month, not four months.

The reason Venus will stay so long in Capricorn is that Venus will retrograde from December 19 to January 29. Venus is the natural ruler of your house of home, so Venus is retrograde would not be the time to close on a house or try to get a buyer for your condo. Venus retrogrades every 18 months—not as often as Mercury. However, during January 2022, Mercury will also retrograde from January 14 to February 3, so sit tight in January and wait for your glorious month—February.

Venus, Mercury, and Mars orbit close to Earth, the reason you will always feel the effects of these planets when retrograde more than when the outer planets, positioned in deep space, go retrograde. We all know that Venus rules love and beauty, but it also rules profit. Venus has dominion over money, especially profits gained from beautiful, luxury products, as well as estates, and it would be a terrible time to launch a product, especially one directed toward woman. (Venus is associated with women, and Mars is associated with men.)

In your solar chart, Venus rules your home, so if you plan to buy, sell, rent, redecorate, or renovate property, you should NOT do so when Venus is retrograde—avoid December 19 to January 29.

Venus retrograde is also not a good time to marry (you want a strong Venus, not a weak one in retrograde) or to change your appearance in any dramatic way, such as using Botox, fillers, trying a new expensive skin regimen, or to radically change the look or color of your hair. Make your changes now, and you will be glad you did.

What worries me with Venus being in your twelfth house for four months is that you may be tempted to start a clandestine affair. You will certainly be under stress, so you may be tempted to run into the arms of someone who is enthusiastic about having you with them, but that person may not be available. Dating a married person is always a recipe for disaster, so don’t fall into that trap. (You might not even be told that that new person in your life is not available.) You have glowing aspects for love in the second half of 2022, the best I have ever seen for you, so be patient.

All month, your need for independence will be strong. If anyone has overly supervised you, limited your choices, or repeatedly questioned your decisions, your patience will end. You will suddenly make radical changes. This month, either change will come to you, or you will suddenly and courageously stand up and make the changes yourself.

Uranus will have you speak up or even bolt. In that respect, Uranus likes to shake things up so that he can end a long-term logjam. He gets results quickly, for he is known to be on a mission for change. Anything Uranus feels has outlived its usefulness to you will be jettisoned in the blink of an eye.

Although Uranus’ methods are hard to take—akin to a bull in a china shop—he does foster progress and productivity. Going through this month could, at times, be very hard, but months later you will better understand why things happened as they did.


Your ruler, Uranus, will be on a rampage this month, with news arising out of seemingly nowhere, so you will have to stay alert and on your toes. Your first clue that something is up with your career will come on or quickly after the new moon, November 4, which arrives in your tenth house of career. Allow ten days after that date to hear the message of the new moon.

In your career, management may make an announcement that you don’t see coming, leaving everyone in your department wondering what the announcement means to them. You may have to decide whether to stay with your present company or seek a new position elsewhere, possibly incurring a relocation of your home to a distant point. Or you may be offered a sterling position—one you always wanted—but due to conditions at home, will need to think twice about accepting it. The timing may be off.

Uranus will directly oppose the Sun and new moon to precise degree, making everyone feel struck by a thunderbolt. If you have no plans to move, you may see changes within your home or regarding close immediate family. Stay alert.

A minor earthquake may come and impact your relationship to your steady sweetheart or spouse, and your business partner too, because the Sun will be attacked by Uranus. You will need to rally those closest to you to get them to support your way of thinking. You won’t easily be able to make dramatic changes without family members understanding why a change will be necessary or beneficial.

On the other hand, if someone is standing stubbornly in the way of your progress, you might start legal action.

The full moon lunar eclipse of November 19 in Taurus will find you making a final decision about how and where you want to live. Timetables move forward radically during eclipse time, and old plans are torn up and new ones are quickly drawn up. It is time to embrace all that is new in life. You may not make actual changes quite yet. Your move might not happen until May 15, the next eclipse, a friendly eclipse in Scorpio.

Teacher-taskmaster planet Saturn has been in Aquarius since December 2020, and good-fortune Jupiter accompanied Saturn into Aquarius at the same time. Saturn has made responsibilities mount for you, and you may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You will adjust soon—it’s just a matter of time, and everyone experiences this at some point in life. Jupiter will leave Aquarius for Pisces next month on December 28, and Jupiter is the planet that gave you lucky breaks in 2021. When Jupiter moves to Pisces, you will make boatloads of money, and having more money will give you exciting options.

If there is a VIP you want to present an idea or proposal to, do so during the first two weeks of December—before Jupiter leaves Aquarius on December 28.

I promise, December will be a joy and be nothing like November. This month had none of these small sparkling days that are usually sprinkled through a typical month. Have faith, dear Aquarius! We are all in this together, but we will all love December and can look forward to a happy holiday.

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