Aquarius Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Although Uranus’ methods are hard to take—akin to a bull in a china shop—he does foster progress and productivity. Going through this month could, at times, be very hard, but months later you will better understand why things happened as they did.


Your ruler, Uranus, will be on a rampage this month, with news arising out of seemingly nowhere, so you will have to stay alert and on your toes. Your first clue that something is up with your career will come on or quickly after the new moon, November 4, which arrives in your tenth house of career. Allow ten days after that date to hear the message of the new moon.

In your career, management may make an announcement that you don’t see coming, leaving everyone in your department wondering what the announcement means to them. You may have to decide whether to stay with your present company or seek a new position elsewhere, possibly incurring a relocation of your home to a distant point. Or you may be offered a sterling position—one you always wanted—but due to conditions at home, will need to think twice about accepting it. The timing may be off.

Uranus will directly oppose the Sun and new moon to precise degree, making everyone feel struck by a thunderbolt. If you have no plans to move, you may see changes within your home or regarding close immediate family. Stay alert.

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