Aquarius Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The full moon eclipse on November 19 in your of home sector could also mean you are moving this month, will be closing on a new house, finishing renovations, or seeing the painters or repairmen finish up and leave. You may be getting furniture delivered, or you may be finding a new roommate.

Something is getting concluded regarding your home life, but none of it will be easy. If you put in a bid on a house or condo, you’ll hear back if you won the bid. If your mother or father would like to move to an assisted living facility, it will be up to you to find the suitable space. If, instead, your mom would like to live in her home, you will need to interview suitable aids to help her with cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, and so forth, arriving each day (or living with her ) with arrangements made for a second aid to help her over weekends, the choice we took for my Little Mom. All this will take time from your career, so hopefully you will have an understanding boss.

What concerns me about this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus? Earlier in the month, Uranus would be arguing with the Sun and new moon. Later, on November 13, Uranus will go after Mercury. Then, on the eclipse November 19, Uranus will be going after Mars in your tenth house of fame and honors. This is a very inflammatory, angry aspect, so I am not sure your boss will be as understanding as you would need.

Mars brings noise to the house it enters (which is why you might be moving or renovating), but it also can bring so much energy that it produces strife. You may have an argument with a roommate, landlord, decorator, architect, gardener, housekeeper, member of your family—you get the idea, someone connected to your home. (Hopefully, it will not be an argument with a boss, client, or other individual at work.)

An argument could easily inflate beyond your ability to control it. An eclipse often “eclipses out” someone from your life (in this case from your home), so be careful not to let a disagreement blow up so large that you lose control.

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