Aquarius Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

One day I want to flag for you is November 13, a bad day to sign a contract, to have any business meeting, or to make a presentation. On this day, Uranus will be arguing with Mercury in a direct 180-degree confrontation. Mercury rules one of your financial houses, and things might go in all the wrong direction on a deal you are trying to make on this day. (A romantic matter is not going to go well on this day either. Stay home, take a mental health day, and read a good book.)

That brings me to the full moon lunar eclipse of November 19 in Taurus, 27 degrees, bringing a conclusion to your decision about a home or family matter. I know, this month has everything stuffed into 30 little days.

Eclipses repeat every 19 years, so you had a similar one in 2002. Do you recall anything that happened on or near November 19, 2002? Although all the other planets will have since moved into different positions, if you can recall a theme that came up then, you may see that theme echoed again this month.

Two days prior to the eclipse could be one of the tensest days of the month, November 17, when the moon will be conjunct Uranus, and both will oppose Mars and Mercury at the same time.

When I use the word family, I am thinking mainly about one of your parents, ruled by the fourth house of home. Yet I have also found in my own life that the addition of new life to your family—a newborn baby—also can be covered by this same fourth house. You may have a sibling or a grown daughter who needs your help caring for the baby. That would be another reason you might not accept a job that will consume you now.

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