Aquarius Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The October 31 full moon in Taurus will be influential during the first four days of November. What makes this full moon different than most, and almost certainly a bearer of unexpected news that makes you jittery, is this full moon will be conjunct your ruling planet Uranus, and it will bring a note of volatility to your physical residence, other property you might own or rent, or you may be thinking about your parent (or an elderly relative) who may need your immediate attention and assistance. Friends, and even business colleagues, will be helpful and may give you valuable ideas and advice. If you are attached, your spouse won’t be nearly as helpful, however, for he or she is likely to question your judgement and disagree with your plans. Think through details thoroughly before you share them with your partner, and try to anticipate your partner’s objections. If you have good answers ready, you will have a better chance of winning your partner’s support.

Early November brings a tense moment, but you have faced difficult ones in the past. You will be aided by the turn of Mercury going direct on November 3, which should allow you to more easily clarify your goals and improve your communication. Also, Mercury retrograde has focused you on past mistakes and decisions, but after November, you will turn toward the Sun and move forward.

You will settle the home or family-related dilemma that came up in the first week and be able to turn your attention to your career.

You will get an enormous professional boost by the time you reach the new moon November 14 and in the ten days that follow. It will be the most important moment of 2020 for you to find a new position, and it matters not if you are currently out of work and looking for a new job or already have a good job but are ready to take on more responsibility. This new moon will be a gift to you, and it will set up a trend of six months, with the very strongest energy there for you to use in the days that follow that new moon. Great jobs take time to fill, but that’s okay—the universe is behind you.

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