Aquarius Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I have two daughters but Diana, based in Los Angeles, is not coming home for either holiday. Authorities are telling New Yorkers not to travel, even to Connecticut or New Jersey, and both are adjoining states. We could infect our neighbors, or we could bring the virus back into New York when we return. I will have a tiny Thanksgiving dinner with my other daughter, Chrissie, her husband, Leo, and their adorable little four-year-old son, Otis. You can set up new traditions this year—by next year things should be safer.

I feel we will turn a corner with the virus by the end of December, or more likely when Jupiter and Pluto will separate more than 10 degrees. They will be 8 degrees apart by Christmas, but more than 10 degrees apart by January 12, so my money is on the later date when I feel we will hear good news about a vaccine. Most of us won’t get access to the vaccine until the second or third quarter, but at least we will be heartened by seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Doctors say that although the vaccine may only be 50% effective, your mask will be far more effective in protecting you, so don’t stop wearing yours. Jupiter and Pluto have been together all year, but will start to go their separate ways, not to join again until February 2033.

In a month that has just about everything, guess what? We have a full moon lunar eclipse on November 30 in Gemini. This is the second of a new family of eclipses, the Gemini-Sagittarius family, the first of which arrived June 5 this year. You will see three more in this series in 2021. The closest eclipse that was similar to this one happened November 28, 2012, eight years ago. If you can recall anything that happened back then, you might get a tiny clue of a theme of could might come up now.

Eclipses are three times as strong as a normal full (or new) moon, and they usually bring up a big life event. This one is falling in your true love sector, so if you have been dating someone seriously, you may now get engaged at month’s end, or plan to get engaged for Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Year’s. That would be lovely—and if so, you would accept at eclipse time and tell family on the holiday.

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