Aquarius Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Don’t jump too quickly sign to an important deal or contract, though. Don’t give a verbal agreement yet either, for in astrology, we consider a verbal announcement to be the same as putting your signature on a contract. Refrain from too quickly buying that electronic item that you’ve had your eye on, too. Mercury is known to be a little trickster, and you may be surprised to hear that he is at his wildest behavior at the start and end dates of his retrograde. It is imperative that you leave a space of days from November 3—I prefer that you wait until November 13—before you make any large, important purchases or sign any contracts.

Mercury’s big brother Mars has been retrograde too, which put another burden on you and everyone you know. Fortunately for you, action planet Mars is in Aries, a sign that blends nicely with your air-sign element of Aquarius. Mars is comfortable and strong in Aries, so when it wakes up on November 13, you will feel the difference.

Mars first moved into your third house of communication on June 27, and in July and August, you were able to make sales and negotiate win-win deals. Life looked relatively positive, even though you were operating within the time of a deadly pandemic. Then suddenly, things began to slow down as you got closer to September 9, the date Mars went retrograde. Mars has been retrograde for weeks.

Mars, the action planet, will go direct this month on November 13. From then on, things will pick up, and if you encountered indecisive clients and VIPs in your company, you will be able to get straight answers at long last. You will love the change. If you have a new product launch or want to develop new clients, you’ll have Mars behind you in the second half of November. The heavy cloud cover you were operating under is lifting. Glory be, it couldn’t happen fast enough.

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