Aquarius Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your love life will become active at month’s end, and you could make a decision at the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30. If you have been dating casually, it’s time to show your willingness to proceed to a closer, more serious commitment, or if not, to leave. Eclipses do not leave any room for grey areas. It will be a black or white decision—it is an on or off, stop or go choice that you won’t be able to delay. In either instance—whether you are happy and want to grow closer with the goal of getting engaged, or whether you are not happy and need to leave—this eclipse will clarify the situation and provide a reason to decide now so you can live a more productive, happier life. If you are not dating but wish you were, this eclipse will have the power to bring the right person to you.

In a different manifestation of the November 30 eclipse, if you have been thinking of having a baby, this eclipse may make you serious about moving forward on that choice. If you already have a child, you may now make special plans for that child.

Be optimistic about your prospects at this full moon eclipse. Mercury will take the lead here, and in its encouraging relationship with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will bring a solution that will benefit you.

As an aside, artistic or literary projects that you finish now will likely bring you applause and special attention.

You have lots of good things happening in November, and it will be a much better month than October was. Wait until you see December! It’s going to be great—you’ll see!

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